Estimating terrestrial gross primary productivity from hyperspectral data    

Leaf reflectance The objective of this project is to establish a relationship between hyperspectral measurements and GPP which also holds for short time scales. Leaf level studies will be conducted using field spectrometry, PAM fluorescence and gas exchange measurements. Diurnal as well as seasonal variations will be studied in different plant species.
The analysis of the hyperspectral data will focus on chlorophyll fluorescence retrieved using the Fraunhofer line method but other spectral indices shown to be related to GPP such as the photochemical reflectance index (PRI) will also be studied and statistical methods will be used in the search for wavelengths which correlate with GPP.
It is planned to switch to ecosystem level later on using the eddy covariance technique for gas exchange and a tower-based spectrometer. Airborne hyperspectral measurements might be included in the detailed analysis of the vegetation within the eddy flux tower footprint area.

Contact: Benjamin Dechant

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