Dr. Heidi Wittmer

Thematic Area Environment and Society
Department of Environmental Politics
Working Group Nature Conservation and Biodiversity
Working Group Governance & Institutions
UFZ Science-Policy Expert Group

Helmholtz Centre
for Environmental Research − UFZ
Permoserstr. 15
04318 Leipzig, Germany

phone: ++49 - 341 - 235 1629
fax: ++49 - 341 - 235 45 1629


Dr. Heidi Wittmer

Curriculum Vitae

since 2010

deputy head of the Department of Environmental Politics

since 2004

senior researcher at UFZ

2001 - 2003

post-doc researcher at UFZ


consultancy for the Centre for Development Research (ZEF), Bonn

1999 - 2001

senior researcher, Interdisciplinary Centre for Sustainable Development, University of Göttingen

1995 - 1998

Ph D. in Socio-economics of rural development, University of Göttingen


economist, Food and Agricultural Organisation, FAO, Rome

1990 - 1993

DAAD-long term lecturer Univ. of Tunja in Colombia

1983 - 1989

Agricultural Sciences: B.Sc. (1985 Univ. Gießen) M.Sc. (1989 TU-Berlin)

Completed Projects

Workshops Organised

  • Governance of Natural Resources in a Multi-Level Context, final conference of the GoverNat project, 20.-22.1.2010, Leipzig, Germany
  • International Science-Policy Interfaces for Biodiversity Governance, international workshop, 2.-4.10.2006, UFZ Leipzig
  • New Strategies for Solving Environmental Conflicts: Potentials for Combining Participation and Multicriteria Analysis, Summersymposium, 26.-28.6.2002, UFZ Leipzig
  • EU INCO-DEV International Workshop: Policy Options for the Sustainable Use of Coral Reefs and Associated Ecosystems, 19.-22.6.2000, Mombasa, Kenya

Teaching Experiences

  • 1990-98 a total of 25 lectures, seminars and workshops at universities, public administrations and non-governmental organisations covering: participatory methods in rural development, empirical social research, 'Farming Systems Development', agricultural economics and marketing, natural resource management
  • 2000 'learning cabinet' for interdisciplinary communication between natural social and legal sciences


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