Sustainable management of global commons such as biodiversity, forests and the ocean


Knowledge synthesis from international assessments and recommendations for international collaboration and development cooperation

“The calls from science, to better protect and preserve the natural basis of life, risk to become a depressing ritual. There is no lack of knowledge anymore on the dramatic consequences of the current and looming climate changes. Even the technologies for a transition toward a future-oriented economy, sustainable mobility or environmentally friendly energy production are available. Since politics, economy and society respond way too hesitantly to these ecological challenges, the gap between what was achieved and what would be necessary grows” (SRU Umweltgutachten 2020).

The project “Protection of global commons such as biodiversity, forests, and seas for sustainable development” aims at working out how to design transformative change for the protection of global commons, such as biodiversity and globally regulated ecosystems such as forests and seas, as multiple global assessments demand.