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The conference "Sustainable and Resilient Urban-Rural Partnerships" URP2020 will take place in Leipzig, Germany, 26-27 November 2020.

By focusing on sustainable and resilient urban-rural partnerships, the international URP2020 conference contributes to the implementation of the New Leipzig Charter and the Territorial Agenda 2030. The conference is an integral part of Germany’s Presidency of the Council of the European Union which has been in effect since July 2020.

URP2020 brings together outstanding keynote speakers and connects scientific insights with enlightening experiences of on-going projects in practice. Join a stimulating conference which fosters learning on various territorial levels, for example from the local level to the broader European perspective of integrated urban-rural development.

With the conference we offer a forum for the exchange and co-design of ideas to tackle challenges related to sustainable and resilient regional development.

The FlussFilmFest presents a documentary about the world's largest dam demolition project on the Elwha River on the US West Coast as well as a selection of other short films: The Vjosa in Albania and the Prypjat in Belarus meet the Mulde near Dessau and the Luppe in Leipzig.

The idea: Inspiration and new insights, with serious discussions in an informal format. Free-flowing and dynamic rivers are among the most species-rich habitats in the world - and at the same time are particularly threatened by destruction, by hydroelectric power plants and dams, by waterway projects and canalization. What is the essence of a river? And what can we gain if we let rivers run (again)?

The Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ), WWF Germany and the research association "Urban Waterbodies" are on board as expert discussion partners. The River Film Festival is a series of events organized by flow: europe e.V. and the Living Rivers Foundation.

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UT Connewitz Wolfgang-Heinze-Str. 12a 04277 Leipzig
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Topic: Bioenergetics in environmental adaptation and stress tolerance of aquatic ectotherms: Linking ecology and physiology in multistressor landscape

ATTENTION: The Lecture only takes place online. Join Zoom-Meeting: Meeting ID: 986 1810 9737 Passcode: 215782 Host: Dr. Till Luckenbach / Bioanalytical Ecotoxicology
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