BonaRes- / Rhizo4Bio-
Status Seminar

14th - 15th March 2022

Dear participants of the BonaRes-/Rhizo4Bio Status Seminar,

we cordially invite you to the BonaRes-/Rhizo4Bio Status Seminar 2022 which will again be held online 14.-15. March 2022. Due to the pandemic situation, in consultation with BMBF/PtJ, we have decided on a compact version in the hope that next time we will be able to meet again physically in the usual way.

Source: pixabay

MONDAY, 14th March 2022

12:30 Welcome Session & Introduction with opening remarks
12:40 Information about Horizon Europe Mission “A Soil Deal for Europe”
13:10 Highlight Presentations BonaRes Projects 1-4
14:30 Coffee break
15:00 Highlight Presentations BonaRes Projects 5-8
16:20 Coffee break
16:50 Highlight Presentations BonaRes Projects 9-11
17:50 End Day 1

 TUESDAY, 15th March 2022

08:30 Highlight Presentations Rhizo4Bio Projects 1-3
09:30 Coffee break
10:00 Highlight Presentations Rhizo4Bio Projects 4-6
11:00 Coffee break
11:30 Panel Discussion on Future Research Questions
12:30 Closing Remarks & Farewell
12:45 Lunch break

Data publication with the BonRes Repository
Organizers: M. Schmidt, N. Svoboda, C. Hoffmann, X. Specka

This workshop is for scientists planning to publish their research data and consequently make them available to the world to be found, reused and credited. The BonaRes Repository offers the necessary infrastructure for this purpose and is your partner for any questions and needs related to data management and data publication. We will talk about what we are offering: DOI and online presentation of your datasets, data collections and soil profiles as well as our current and future tools. Discuss your experiences with us so we can continuously improve our services!

17:00 End Day 2

Each project is asked to give a 15 + 5 minutes (for discussions) highlight presentation on new developments since the last Status Seminar. During the first 10 minutes, two to three postdocs or PhD students will present recent results and connections between their work (packages). During the remaining 5 minutes, the project coordinator will place the presented results in the overall picture of the project and identify opportunities for collaboration with other projects as well as ideas for future research questions. During the presentations, all participants of the Status Seminar are invited to ask questions or make comments via a padlet or the chat. The most relevant ones will be taken up in the plenary discussion on the second day of the Status Seminar. Each project coordinator is asked to send title and authors of the highlight presentation to Lena Roos until February 28, 2022.

In addition to the Status Seminar, we are again planning various thematic workshops. However, in order not to make the virtual event too long, we will offer these as extra events as webinars or workshops for the interested user groups. The topics and dates will be announced at the Status Seminar. The well-established data workshop will of course be held in direct connection with the Status Seminar.


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