HIGRADE Conference 2015. Photo: Gunnar Dreßler/UFZ

HIGRADE Conference

At the HIGRADE Conference, doctoral researchers in their final year present their work and HIGRADE alumni receive their HIGRADE Certificates.

HIGRADE Conference 2020

13 May 2020, KUBUS (Leipzig)

Registration: here by 30 April!

Programme (tbc)

2:00 pm
  • Welcome & Opening - Prof. Georg Teutsch, Dr. Kristina Raab
  • Poster Pitches
~3:00 pm Open Poster Session

4:30 pm Award Ceremony - Chair: Dr. Kristina Raab

  • Awarding of HIGRADE certificates and poster prizes
  • Keynote speaker: tbd
~5:30 pm

HIGRADE Conference 2019 - Impressions

On 8 May 2019, 44 doctoral researchers presented short "pitches" (one minute speed talks) in front of more than 250 people to advertise their posters and invited the audience for detailed discussions on their dissertation projects.

Best poster pitch 2019: Meike Will (OESA)

Poster prizes 2019:

1. Peter Dietrich (PHYDIV) "How does biodiversity loss affect the response of plant species to global change?"
2. Marija Milanovic (BZF) "Trait-environmental relationship between native and non-native plant species"

3. Larisa Tarasova (CATHYD) "The flood cookbook: ingredients and regional flavor across Germany"

39 new HIGRADE alumni at the HIGRADE Conference 2019 are:

Muhammad Arslan (UBT), Fabian Christoph Fisher (ZELLTOX), Natalija Ivdra (ISOBIO), Canan Karakoç (UMB), Nikolai Knapp (OESA), Sophia Krause (AUC), Frederic Leuther (BOSYS), Veronika Liebelt (CLE), Karla Estella Locher Krause (UPOL), Ricardo Massei (WANA), Magdalena Mock (SOMA), Matthias Muschket (ANA), Christine Wolf (UPOL), Gunsmaa Batbayar (ASAM), Jennifer Born (BZF), Kathleen Burkhardt-Medicke (BIOTOX), Arunava Datta (BZF), Daniela Deborah Christine Dick (OESA), Virginie Dubourg (MOLSYB), Steffi Franke (ISOBIO), Richard Hegner (UMB), Jakob Hildebrandt (BIOENERGIE), Anna Hoschek (SOMA), Madhumitha Jaganmohan (CLE), Christina Jeschke (CATHYD), Stefanie Kahl (ANA), Xiaoquing Liu (SEEFO), Stefanie Kliemt (MOLSYB), Ingrid Eileen Meyer Cifuentes (UBT), Irfan Ali Mongol Akhir Khan (UMB), Nadia Prays (BOSYS), Klodwig Suibert Oskar Seibertz (MET), Dominique Türkowsky (MOLSYB), Ahamefula Udume Utom (MET), Mónica Andrea Vásquez Piñeros (UBT), Xi Wei (ISOBIO), Dominik Wondrousch (OEC), Langping Wu (ISOBIO), Shangwei Zhang (OEC).

As a special highlight of the award ceremony, Dr. Hendrik Huthoff talked vividly about his experiences in (scientific) life: "Failure sucks but it instructs" - what a polished CV doesn't tell you”.

Our special thanks goes to the Friends and Supporters of the UFZ, who contributed the book prizes for the best poster and the pitch awards. Furthermore, we thank the Mahsa Namini and the UFZ choir for the musical accompaniment during the ceremony and everyone who made the conference and the evening programme a success!

Photos: Gunnar Dreßler/UFZ