HIGRADE Conference 2015. Photo: Gunnar Dreßler/UFZ

HIGRADE Conference

At the HIGRADE Conference, doctoral researchers in their final year present their work and HIGRADE alumni receive their HIGRADE Certificates.

HIGRADE Conference 2020

- status: will be postponed -

Posters 2020 (tentative)

Chemicals in the Environment

  • 01 Afolarin Ogungbemi (BIOTOX) "Determination of mixture neurotoxicity using the hyper- and hypoactivity behavior of zebrafish embryo in the spontaneous tail coiling test"
  • 02 Alexandra Schaffert (MOLSYB) "Molecular Characterization of Adverse Effects of BPA and Substitutes during human Adipocyte Differentiation"
  • 03 Andreas Baumer (ZELLTOX) tbd
  • 04 Bastian Polst (BIOTOX) "To shift or not to shift: Agricultural run-off induced regime shifts in phototrophic communities"
  • 05 Bijing Xiong (UMB) "In vivo Mapping of Mycopshere pH at the Microscale"
  • 06 Carolin Huber (WANA) "Strategies for Suspect and Non-target Screening of New Emerging Chemicals in Human Biomonitoring"
  • 07 Christoph Rummel (BIOTOX) "Early biofilm attachment and succession on plastic substrata"
  • 08 Eva Reiter (OEC) "How to measure the exposure to chemical mixtures in marine mammals? – Overcoming the difficulties of matrix effects"
  • 09 Faith Kandie (WANA) "Occurrence and ecotoxicological assessment of organic micropollutants within Lake Victoria South Basin, Kenya"
  • 10 Felipe Borim Corrêa (UMB) "Succession as a mean to reveal strain variation in complex microbial communities"
  • 11 Flora Allendorf (AUC/ANA) "Biosorption and permeabilities of PFAAs and four of their alternatives and the effects on toxicokinetic behaviour"
  • 12 Hannes Petruschke (MOLSYB) "Searching for the small unknowns - Discovery of novel small proteins in a simplified human intestinal microbiome"
  • 13 Janek Paul Dann (WANA/ZELLTOX) "Comparative assessment of complex chemical mixtures in the water column, sediment and caged fish in the St. Louis Bay"
  • 14 Jieying Zhou (TUCHEM) "Electrosorption of polar organic micropollutants on activated carbon felts"
  • 15 Krupa Parmar (UMB) "Evaluating the effect of chemical compounds on prophage induction in soil and groundwater bacteria"
  • 16 Mahsa Namini (UBT) "Mass balance of the degradation of bromoxynil in two German soils"
  • 17 Mulatu Nanusha (WANA) "Target screening for fingerprints of (toxic) plant secondary metabolites in river waters by LC-HRMS"
  • 18 Nadine Sossalla (UBZ) "Evaluating treatment efficacy of constructed wetlands by using effect-based methods"
  • 19 Oliver Machate (WANA) "Pathogens and Pollution - The Impact of Pollution on the Occurance of Pathogens in Remote High Mountain Lakes"
  • 20 Stefan Lips (BIOTOX) "How is the biofilm - metabolic insights into a universe of microbes"
  • 21 Vid Švara (WANA) "Can organic micropollutants affect the genetic structure of aquatic populations: a case study on the riverine amphipod species Gammarus pulex"
  • 22 Xin You (UMB) "Go with the Flow: Quantifying the Transport of Tracer Phages in Soil Matrices"

Ecosystems of the Future

  • 23 Anna-Maria Madaj (BZF) "Predicting evolutionary dynamics of plant species in response to ongoing climate change"
  • 24 Diana Derepasko (CLE) "Towards a multi-scale optimization model to support integrated river basin management"
  • 25 Jean de Dieu Habiyaremye (BOOEK) "Both local environmental conditions and host tree identity shape tree rooting zone soil microbiome"
  • 26 Julia Osterman (CLE) "Towards an integrated species and habitat management for a sustainable crop pollination"
  • 27 Maria-Theresa Jessen (BZF/PhyDiv) "Reindeer shape intraspecific trait expression in response to nutrient enrichment and warming"

Environmental Engineering and Biotechnology

  • 28 Adriana Cravo (UMB) "Skin microbial composition of frog species and distribution of Bd fungus in the Pyrenees"
  • 29 Ali Shee (TUCHEM) "Reduction of halogenated organic compounds in water: comparison of catalysts and reagents"
  • 30 Bruna Grosch Schroeder (UMB) "From animal gut systems to bioreactors: utilization of microbiomes and learning from the gut characteristics"
  • 31 Frazer Musonda (BIOENERGIE) "The potential role of biochemicals towards German' climate targets"
  • 32 Hieu Linh Duong (UMB) "What do calorimetric data tell us about fungal activities?"
  • 33 Ingeborg Heuschkel (SOMA) "Establishment of a continuous production process of platform monomers by cycloalkane utilization"
  • 34 Kristina Vogel (UMB) "Thermodynamic and kinetic investigations of equilibrium reactions of the glycolysis"
  • 35 Lin Qian (TUCHEM) "Photochemical Degradation of perfluorinated compounds by Fe-zeolites"
  • 36 Lisa Schäfer (SOMA) "Orthogonal pathway design for eco-efficient biocatalytic monomer production from cyclohexane"
  • 37 Mohammad Sufian Bin Hudari (ISOBIO) "Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage: how temperature affects microbial community and groundwater contaminant biotransformation"
  • 38 Nina Sophie Keller (ISOBIO) "Assessment of the effects of the releases of gases or heat on microbial communities in near-surface aquifers"
  • 39 Pietro Benettoni (ISOBIO) "Localization and identification of nano-sized phases in biological matrices via high-resolution imaging"
  • 40 Swamini Khurana (UMB) "Spatio-temporal heterogeneities affect microbial redox dynamics and nutrient cycling in the subsurface"
  • 41 Theodor Mainka (UMB) "Influence of Fragmented Disturbances and Dispersal Networks on Bacterial Biomass Recovery and Contaminant Degradation"
  • 42 Washington Logrono (UMB) "Ancient microbes can solve the energy storage problem"
  • 43 Xiao Liu (ISOBIO) "Characterizing the fate of HCHs in soil and plant system using CSIA and EF
  • 44 YuYing Jing (UBT) "Constructed wetlands microcosms with superabsorbent polymer and pumice for treatment of pesticides from agricultural runoff"

Smart Models / Monitoring

  • 45 Jessica Hetzer (OESA) "The importance of plant geometry for grassland dynamics"
  • 46 Johannes Leins (OESA) "Adapting grassland management to help insects cope with climate change -  Predictions from a stage-based simulation model using high-resolution climate data"
  • 47 Julia Schmid (OESA) "Modeling of grassland to understand its functional composition"
  • 48 Laura Meier (OESA) "Accounting for organismal drift: of importance for understanding biocontrol of eutrophication in multi-stressed rivers"
  • 49 Pallav Kumar Shrestha (CHS) "Comprehensible modelling of reservoirs for improving seasonal hydrological forecasting systems"
  • 50 Timo Houben (CHS) "Shake out your aquifer's properties! What spectra tell you about the hydrogeological system"
  • 51 Yan Zhou (ENVINF) "An Application of Multiattribtue Utility Theory for the Site Selection Problem of Riverbank Filtration System"

Water Resources and Environment

  • 52 Guilherme Nogueira (HDG) "Hydrogeology a data-modelling assessment of flow dynamics and reactive potential at the interface of streams and riparian aquifers"
  • 53 Judit Laufer (UMB) "Temporal and spatial variation of lake microbiomes in the Pyrenees"
  • 54 Liana Liebmann (OEKOTOX) "Simplifying SPEARpesticides by using presence-absence data"
  • 55 Muhammed Shikhani (SEEFO) "Applying seasonal forecasting in catchment-lake modelling for reservoir management"

HIGRADE Conference 2019 - Impressions