HIGRADE Conference 2015. Photo: Gunnar Dreßler/UFZ

HIGRADE Conference

At the HIGRADE Conference, doctoral researchers in their final year present their work and there are many possibilities for scientific exchange and networking. All UFZ colleagues and our cooperation partners are invited to join the event!

HIGRADE Conference 2021 

 11 October 2021 - online

Registration: The registration deadline has passed. In urgent cases, please contact higrade@ufz.de


08:45-09:00 Arrival/ Online Check-in
09:00-09:15 Welcome Address (Prof. Georg Teutsch, HIGRADE team)
09:15-09:50 Pitch Session 1 (posters 1-24)
09:50-10:50 Poster Session 1 (posters 1-24)
11:00-11:30 Pitch Session 2 (posters 25-50)
11:30-12:30 Poster Session 2 (posters 25-50)
12:30-13:30 Lunch Break
13:30-14:10 Pitch Session 3 (posters 51-89)
14:10-15:20 Poster Session 3 (posters 51-89)
15:30-15:50 Poster & Pitch Awards
15:50-17:15 Networking Session - Topics:
  • Do-it PhD Representatives
  • All 'bout the stats (UFZ Statistics Service)
  • Career Decisions - Ask the UFZ-alumni*ae! (UFZ Career Service)
  • Diversity & Inclusion (Equal Opportunities Officer UFZ)
  • Oops.. it's a product (WTT - Science & Technology Transfer)
  • Open networking

Posters 2021

  •   1 Christine Wernicke (ANA) "Pandoras Box - what happens when you take a peek"
  •   2 Elaine Jennings (ANA) "Discovery of novel ozonation products with LC-FT-ICR"
  •   3 Eva Reiter (OEC) "How to measure the exposure of chemical mixtures in marine mammals with silicone?"
  •   4 Florian Schunck (OEKOTOX) "Modelling sublethal effects of esfenvalerate on Daphnia magna       populations"
  •   5 Han Sun (OEC) "In-vitro Biotransformation kinetic profilings of thyroid disruptors using S9 enzymes"
  •   6 Jana Rupp (ANA) "From the North Sea to the Alps: PFAS concentrations and levels in German    wildlife"
  •   7 Janek Paul Dann (WANA) - cancelled
  •   8 Jungeun Lee (ZELLTOX) "A high-throughput assay for neurite outgrowth inhibition in SH-SY5Y cells to identify mixture effects in environmental samples"
  •   9 Kristian Jensen Pedersen (MOLYSB) "SIHUMIx vs bile acids - the roommate discussion"
  •   10 Lisa Buchenauer (IMMU) "Maternal exposure to glyphosate and its effects on asthma development in the offspring"
  •   11 Maria Paula da Silva (ANA) "Sources and spatio-temporal pattern in-stream dissolved organic matter in small forested catchments revealed by ultra-high resolution mass spectrometry"
  •   12 Martin Lohse (ANA) "Molecular Imaging of Plant Metabolites directly in Soil"
  •   13 Mehreen Iqbal (OEC) - tbc
  •   14 Ningjuan Zhang (IMMU) "Bisphenol A disturbs the migration of extravillous trophoblast cells in     response to mast cells and their mediator chymase in vitro"
  •   15 Paul Genz (ANA) "'Centrifuged, not stirred' - Centrate for agricultural reuse and its micropollutant issue"
  •   16 Robby Rynek (ANA) "Lateral distribution of microplastic particles in the Pacific Ocean"
  •   17 Sarah Riesbeck (MOLYSB) "In the mix - effects of chemical mixtures onto a simplified human gut microbiome (SIHUMIx)"
  •   18 Saskia Finckh (WANA) "Characterisation of 56 European wastewater treatment plant effluents by chemical screening of emerging organic contaminants"
  •   19 Stefan Kraemer (MOLSYB) "Predict the unknown: Hypothesize chemical-biomolecule-interactions from recent literature knowledge" - cancelled
  •   20 Sumaira Saleem (OEC) "Toxicity assessment of electrophilic and pro-electrophilic industrial         chemicals in vitro with the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans"
  •   21 Theo Wernicke (OEC) "Equilibrium sampling of suspended particulate matter as a universal proxy for fish"
  •   22 Tim Steska (BIOTOX / ANA) "Safety of innovative particulate materials – Examination of Daphnia magna with regard to hazard and fate" - cancelled
  •   23 Wen Qin (ANA) "Single-cell analysis using ICP-MS"
  •   24 Zhipeng Wang (MOLSYB) "Comparison of two quantitative proteomics approaches towards their applicability to toxicological questions"
  •   25 Polina Lipaeva (BIOTOX) "Different ways to play it cool: how Baikal amphipods deal with the cold"
  •   26 Alexander Wachholz (ASAM) - tbc
  •   27 Carolin Winter-Schnabel (HDG) "Nitrate export dynamics across spatiotemporal scales"
  •   28 Hsing-Jui Wang (CATHYD) "Hydrological Hazard Drivers from Heterogeneities in Catchments"
  •   29 Hugo Enrique Reyes Aldana (FLOEK) "River metabolism as an indicator of ecosystem health"
  •   30 Joni Dehaspe (HDG) "In-stream nitrate uptake at catchment scales - A data driven and conceptual analysis"
  •   31 Julia Pasqualini (FLOEK) "Don't forget the tiny ones! Why and how meiofauna should be included in secondary production estimates"
  •   32 Maria Determann (SEEFO) "Modelling emergent patterns of water and matter fluxes in a German reservoir"
  •   33 Michael Seewald (SEEFO) "Forty years record of metalimnetic oxygen minimum (MOM) in Germany’s largest drinking water reservoir"
  •   34 Nahed Ben-Salem (ASAM) "Performance evaluation of three global gradient-based groundwater models in the Mediterranean region: Application to the Iberian Peninsula"
  •   35 Nergui Sunjidmaa (ASAM) "Influence of physical cloggings on nutrient cycling in the hyporheic zone with coarse and sand bed-sediment: A mesocosm experiment"
  •   36 Pia Ebeling (HDG) "Dominant controls of water quality dynamics at catchment scale"
  •   37 Sophia Hildebrandt (ASAM) "The efficacy of source-control, use-related and end-of-pipe regulation in a German catchment: a 50-year trajectory"
  •   38 Sumra Mushtaq (CATHYD) "How to reliably estimate deadly natural disasters: Floods?"
  •   39 Vedran Vucic (UMB) "Excess sludge and biosolids – the spots to be for the biological phosphorus uptake recovery from the wastewater"
  •   40 Elena Motivans Švara (BZF) "A comparison of the identification and quantification success of insect-dispersed pollen with novel pollen identification methods"
  •   41 Eva Lippold (BOSYS) "Integrating chemical gradients into root architecture analysis"
  •   42 Julius Diel (BOSYS) "Implicit uncertainties of soil organic matter models"
  •   43 Maxime Phalempin (BOSYS) "Soil texture and structure heterogeneity predominantly governs bulk density distribution around roots"
  •   44 Minh Ganther (BOOEK) "Spatio-temporal analysis of maize root gene expression patterns"
  •   45 Negar Ghaderi (BOOEK) "Functional traits of hydrolytic enzymes and visualized enzymatic activity in the rhizosphere gradients of Zea mays L"
  •   46 Saeed Golmohammadi (BOSYS) "Impact of pore structure, gravitation, and wettability on multiphase flow using micromodel experiments"  cancelled
  •   47 Frazer Musonda (BEN) "The role of biomass resources towards greenhouse gas abatement in Germany' chemicals sector" - cancelled
  •   48 Piradee Jusakulvijit (BEN) "Integrated assessment of a potential decentralized bioethanol production system from agricultural residues in Thailand"
  •   49 Raphael Karutz (SUSOZ) "Future urban growth processes in Pune, India: A new spatio-statistical scenario approach"
  •   50 Sungju Han (SUSOZ) "People’s perceptions of Nature-based solutions to reduce flood risks" - cancelled

  •   51 Amelie Kenkel (SOMA) "Scale-up of capillary photo-biofilm reactors"
  •   52 Amir Golparvar (UMB) "High-resolution modelling of microbial biodegradation in unsaturated porous media"
  •   53 Anh Bui (UBT) "Effect of using horizontal subsurface constructed wetlands planted with zanthedesia aethiopica, cyperus longus, and filled with a rubble and macadamia nutshell substrate"
  •   54 Annegret Budach (UBT) "Mitigating climate change through enhanced wastewater treatment - Using bio-electrochemical systems to influence greenhouse gas emission"
  •   55 Carmen Bruckmann (UMB) "Automated gating of flow cytometry data"
  •   56 Carolin Bertelmann (SOMA) "Whole-cell testosterone hydroxylation is limited by high cytochrome P450 BM3 instability"
  •   57 Christian Fricke (UMB) "It's getting hot in here - Heat flow measurements as an early warning system for bacterial contamination"
  •   58 Daniel Dzofou Ngoumelah (UMB) "Combining microbial electrochemical technologies (MET) and anaerobic digestion (AD) – challenges from a biotechnological point of view"
  •   59 Emea Ude (UBT) "Identification of a candidate enzyme for nitrite reducing activity in anaerobic ammonium oxidizing bacteria" - cancelled
  •   60 Flávio Baleeiro (UMB) "Anaerobic fermentation merging the carboxylate and syngas platforms"
  •   61 Franz Opel (SOMA) "Establishing a hydrogen-sensing platform organism for the directed evolution of continuous, photosynthesis-driven hydrogen production"
  •   62 Hao-Yu Lo (UBT) "Combination of single-cell microautoradiography and high-throughput analysis to reveal microbial in-situ response during xenobiotic biodegradation"
  •   63 Jieying Zhou (TUCHEM) "Electrosorption of polar organic micropollutants on activated carbon felts" - cancelled
  •   64 Johannes Nelles (UBZ) - "Model development for microbial electrosynthesis processes with mediator-based electron transfer and planktonic cells"
  •   65 Katharina Neubert (UMB) "Driving the milky way by milky whey: How to turn acid whey into bio-based fuel"
  •   66 Martin Schirmer (SOMA) - "Quantitative physiology of single cell biocatalyst by Chip-MS based population analysis"
  •   67 Lisa-Marie Frenzel (TUCHEM) "Hydrothermal carbon coating on different substrates used as a "trap & treat" approach" - cancelled
  •   68 Mahir Bozan (SOMA) "Self-sustaining phototrophic biofilms for technical applications"
  •   69 Maria Balda (TUCHEM) "Baking under pressure - Carbon spheres generated by the hydrothermal carbonization of sugar as tailor-made reactive sorbent"
  •   70 Maria Jose Cardenas (UBT) "Plastic-eating bacteria: Isolation and Identification of a soil strain that grows on a polyurethane oligomer and monomer"
  •   71 Navid Saeidi (TUCHEM) "Electro sorption of perfluoroalkyl acids on activated carbon: accumulation of the compounds and on-site regeneration of activated carbon" - cancelled
  •   72 Nina Sophie Keller (ISOBIO) "Monitoring of the effects of a simulated hydrogen leakage on the groundwater geochemistry and microbiome in a shallow aquifer"
  •   73 Paul Bolay (SOMA) "Crucial regulatory elements of primary metabolism in cyanobacteria"
  •   74 Rodrigo Amarante Colpo (UMB) "Designing synthetic microbiomes with metabolic modeling techniques to enhance biogas production"
  •   75 Samuel Grimm (SOMA) "Continuous production of hydrogen from water by tapping photosynthesis in technical ecosystems for decentralized applications"
  •   76 Sara Lupacchini (SOMA) "Design and development of hydrogen producing cyanobacterial strains"
  •   77 Shixiang Dai (UMB) "The role of extracelluar and interspecies electron transfer in microbial pollutant removal"
  •   78 Shuang Li (UMB) "The impact of the fosfomycin on wastewater communities analyzed by flow cytometry"
  •   79 Sonja Höhmann (SOMA) "Glycolic acid as an alternative carbon and energy source for redox biocatalysis
  •   80 Tim Arik Briol (SOMA) "Potential of glycolic acid as a substrate for biobased production of chemicals with Escherichia coli 

  •  81 Andre Bogdanowski (OESA) "McComedy: next-generation individual-based modeling of microbial consumer-resource systems" cancelled
  •   82 Boyan Meng (ENVINF) "Combining borehole thermal energy storage (BTES) and the remediation of trichloroethene (TCE) in unconfined aquifers: A numerical evaluation"
  •   83 Chaofan Chen (ENVINF) "Deep geothermal energy extraction by closed loop borehole heat exchanger system for heating buildings"
  •   84 Mandy Kasner (MET) "On the trail of spatial soil moisture via mobile cosmic-ray neutron sensing"
  •   85 Maria Chiara Lippera (MET) "Assessing the risk of physical clogging at MAR infrastructure"
  •   86 Masooma Batool (CHS) - cancelled
  •   87 Rebecca Sultana (MET) "Investigation of subsurface heterogeneity and its relevance for successful Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) operation"
  •   88 Sebastian Müller (CHS) "GeoStat-Framework - Your geo-statistical home in Python!" - cancelled
  •   89 Susann Birnstengel (MET) "How to monitor gas with pressure waves in the near surface"