Statistics Consultancy

Statistics Consultancy

Researchers can request statistical consultations regarding their projects at the UFZ! Mick Wu is available to help design projects*, choose/conduct/check analyses, and interpret results.

* Planning statistical analyses at the design phase of projects can help simplify analyses, allow time to learn new methods, and reduce the chance of getting unpublishable results!

Doctoral researchers must have the support of their advisors and have all their HIGRADE reports up to date before requesting a consultation (advisors are welcome to attend the consultations).

!!! NOTE: The Statistics Service will not be available from 07.10.2019 to 13.01.2020 !!!
Statistics courses scheduled during that period will take place as planned, so no worries there!

For organisational questions on courses and general DEVELOP issues,
please contact the DEVELOP team (

Please click here to request a consultation (after 13 January 2020) >UFZ Intranet.

Consultations are by appointment only
Leipzig: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays (Building 1.0, room 233)
Magdeburg: normally 1st Wednesday of each month

Halle: normally 3rd Wednesday of each month

Note: all UFZ scientists can also consult the UFZ Bioinformatics Service to find solutions for bioniformatics problems!