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The HIGRADE team is happy to support you regarding any questions and challenges you may encounter during your doctorate. We offer confidential consultations and we also serve as a general information and contact point for a variety of issues. Don't hesitate to contact us, no matter how big or small your query may be!

We will be happy to help you, or assist to find the right contact point inside or outside UFZ!

We serve as a contact point for further training, career development, funding and general questions during your PhD. If you have any organizational questions with regard to HIGRADE or doing your PhD project at the UFZ, please feel free to contact the HIGRADE team.

You can contact us via email ( HIGRADE ), call, or stop by at our office!

Are you feeling stuck? Are you unsure how to handle a conflict situation? Do you have doubts about pursuing your PhD? Or.... ? Let's talk about it!

If you face any difficulties during your doctorate, please don't hesitate to contact us:

Please schedule an individual appointment with a member of the HIGRADE team for an initial short conversation about your situation!  We offer this service currently online upon request. Please contact Claudia Dislich or Daniel Kaping to make an appointment.

Please note: For questions about organisational issues, like how to apply for travel funding or how to get HIGRADE days for external courses, please contact HIGRADE

Doing a PhD surely is a challenge. There will be stressful times and maybe unexpected events that put you in a difficult situation. If you feel like the pressure is getting too much on your shoulders, don't hesitate to seek professional advice!

We summarized some useful contacts for our doctoral researchers here . If you are unsure about how to proceed, please contact us. All matters will be treated confidentially.

Articles and information on mental health in science: