The research group BioGeoOmics integrates state-of-the art instrumental and methodological approaches to study dynamic interactions of molecules in the environment. These molecular interactions include natural processes (e.g. metabolism, organic matter diagenesis) as well as anthropogenic interferences (interaction of biological systems with chemicals).

At the core of the the analytical toolkit of the BioGeoOmics-group, we use ultra-high resolution mass spectrometry (FT-ICR MS) and mass spectrometric imaging (MSI) supported by biogeochemical and chemo-informatics methods. We use these tools to explore chemical and biological transformations of organic molecules, their spatial localization in tissues, and to identify metabolites and unknown chemicals and transformation products in complex mixtures.

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The methods and concepts are applied to various research fields:
  • Ultra-complex mixtures: Natural organic matter characterization and transformation
  • Identification of transformation products and their interactions in complex mixtures
  • Non-target analysis: Applications of stable isotope metabolomics (NT-SIM) and biogeochemistry (NT-SIB) with use of FT-ICR MS
  • MSI of biological systems: Uptake and distribution of chemicals, primary and secondary metabolites in plants and zebrafish model systems
  • Single-cell metabolomics/fluxomics

BioGeoOmics at a glance


Dr. Oliver Lechtenfeld
Dr. Carsten Simon

PhD students:

Michel Gad
Shuxian Gao
Limei Han
Elaine Jennings
Martin Lohse
Rebecca Matos
Maria da Silva
Konstantin Stumpf


Jan Kaesler
Johann Wurz


Fritz Czaplinski
Vinicius Maia


Dr. Julia Raeke
Miriam Fuß
Kai Franze
Kevin Jakob
Arina Kremser
Rania Mobarak
Chang Peng
Henning Teickner
Maria Wieckhusen

Current externally funded projects:

SPP 2322: Soilsystems - Maddoms
H2020: Perforce3

UFZ projects:

DOC export from riparian zones (concluded)  

Concluded projects:

PFAS Non-Target-Screening
SPP 2089: Rhizoshere - MoleBIRD

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Bruker SolariX XR 12T

Bruker SolariX XR 12T with

Thermo Ultimate 3000 RSLC

Thermo Ultimate 3000 RSLC with 

  • HPG pump
  • LPG secondary pump
  • DAD
  • FLD                
Thermo Ultimate 3000 RSnLC

Thermo Ultimate 3000 RSLCnano with

for ultra low volume applications.

Dimatec Dimatoc 2000

Dimatec DIMATOC 2000 TOC-TNb Analysator                            

FreeStyle SPE

LCTech FREESTYLE SPE robotic system

Repligen KrosFlo KR2i TFF/UF

Repligen KrosFlo KR2i TFF/UF


Q-LAB Q-SUN Xe-1 solar simulator

We also have access to the analytical facilities of the Department Analytical Chemistry and ProVIS .