Erneuerbare Energien
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Research Group Renewable Energies

The research group Renewable Energies works on two main topics: systems modelling of biomass usage as well as spatial analyses of all renewable energies. We cover all renewables and energy sectors, including also some parts of the wider bioeconomy, such as chemistry. We perform monitoring of the current state as well as modelling of future scenarios.

The following topics are currently being worked on:

  • Systems analysis of renewable resources (monitoring, optimal use/allocation, site analysis)
  • Spatially explicit, high-resolution and nationwide GIS analyses and monitoring of renewable energies and their environmental impacts
  • Development of a unique spatial and temporal data set on renewable energy plants in Germany
  • System modelling (simulation or optimisation) across energy and bioeconomy sectors with high-quality bioenergy data
  • Analysis throughout the entire biomass supply chain, using a systems perspective

In order to assess the topics, models are developed and utilised. For the systems modeling, BENSIM (BioENergy SImulation Model) and BENOPT (BioENergy OPTimisation model) are constantly being expanded in order to answer larger research questions. For the spatial analyses, GIS (Geographical Information System) methods are used and developed.

Running Projects:

HI-CAM Adaptation Project 9 - Power generation from variable renewable energies

Finished Projects:

Renewables and water use
Strategies for sustainable land use in the context of wind power generation - FlächEn
Synergien, Wechselwirkungen und Konkurrenzen beim Ausgleich fluktuierender erneuerbarer Energien im Stromsektor durch erneuerbare Optionen - BalanceE
Elemente und Meilensteine für die Entwicklung einer tragfähigen nachhaltigen Bioenergiestrategie - Meilensteine 2030
Helmholtz Impuls und Vernetzungsfondprojekt für ein Department Bioenergie - IVF