Industrial process heat generation through catalytic conditioning of synthesis gases


Team at UFZ:

Public grant authority:

Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (subcontracted by DBFZ)

Project duration (UFZ):

01.01.2021 – 31.01.2023

Short description:

As part of the research for the BioPlanW project (FKZ-Nr. 03KB113), the Bioenergy Department of the UFZ has developed a heat sector optimization model to assess the competitiveness of bioenergy technologies in a future, sustainable heat sector. For this purpose, the heat sector was divided into different sub-sectors in cooperation with the DBFZ and representative fossil, biogenic and alternative renewable technologies were defined for each sub-sector, which compete in the model to meet the heat demand as cost-effectively as possible.
Within the framework of KonditorGas, this model is expanded to include the option of catalytically conditioned synthesis gases from the gasification of biomass or biogenic residual and waste materials. This technology option will be supplemented in the sub-sector for industrial applications >500°C. In order to make a well-founded statement about the competitiveness of this new option, it is necessary to describe the sub-sector and the competing option in more detail and possibly add further competing renewable options (e.g. hydrogen or SNG). The model and scenario assumptions from BioPlanW are updated. Technical, economic and ecological data of the new technology concepts are provided by the DBFZ, based on the concepts developed in the project. The UFZ provides support in defining the technology pathways. The UFZ carries out the model extension, modelling and result processing and supports the identification of the influential process parameters with the greatest positive and negative impact for the three process chains for the production of natural gas substitutes from solid fuels. The overarching aim is to estimate the possible future economic viability of the technology to be developed and to identify potential customers and places of use


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