Further development of the "bioeconomy monitoring system" with special consideration of aspects of precautionary environmental protection

Project lead

Aaron Best

Ecologic Institute Berlin
phone: +49 30 86880-116

Project team


2021 – 2024


Federal Environmental Agency Germany


The project 'Further development of the "monitoring system bioeconomy" with special consideration of aspects of preventive environmental protection' is to be used as part of the ongoing transformation towards a bio-based economy through the development of a monitoring system with relevant and meaningful bioeconomy indicators for sustainability and for the effective protection of natural systems contribute. By sharing with related monitoring initiatives and considering the pragmatic imperatives for using indicators, the project will generate knowledge and recommendations that are based on the latest evidence and suitable for incorporation into current policy initiatives and processes.

The project team will focus its work on the following specific objectives:

Better monitoring of sustainability aspects

  • Identification and further development of existing monitoring systems and their indicators: Identify and further develop monitoring approaches that allow the effects of the expansion of the bioeconomy on the environment and nature to be evaluated over time.
  • Development of approaches for effective monitoring of aspects of environmental justice and sustainability: developing central building blocks for a monitoring system that enable an assessment of sustainable biomass flows and their availability and provision with regard to compliance with planetary boundaries and socially determined potentials.
  • Evaluation of different bioeconomy approaches: Make the advantages and disadvantages of different bioeconomy approaches assessable with regard to sustainability.

Connected and up to date

  • Consideration and coordination with adjacent indicator systems: Consider already established monitoring systems and their indicators in areas adjacent to the bioeconomy, especially in the area of resource efficiency, the biodiversity strategy and the sustainability strategy, and coordinate the indicators to be developed with them.
  • Consideration and comparison with ongoing monitoring projects: exchange information with experts from ongoing and planned monitoring projects on the bioeconomy and other departments, compare knowledge and generate new insights.

Effective Recommendations

  • Derivation of recommendations for action: show relevant and concrete recommendations for action for the implementation of the bioeconomy strategy and future design of an environmentally friendly bioeconomy from the perspective of environmental protection and nature conservation.
  • Shaping the federal government’s bioeconomy monitoring: Incorporate findings and results into the federal government’s planned “bioeconomy” monitoring.