Weiying Ouyang

Phone Office +49 (0) 341 235 1412
Phone Lab +49 (0) 341 235 1549


Curriculum Vitae

2015 November- PhD student at the UFZ
2012 September- 2015 July Master of Science, Institute of Urban Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Xiamen (Beijing), China
2008 September- 2012 June Bachelor of Science, School of the Environment, Nanjing University, Nanjing, China


My research focuses on behaviors and impact of antibiotics on the environmental dimension, including microbial degradation of antibiotics under aerobic and anaerobic conditions and distribution of antibiotic resistance determinants (genes and proteins). The model antibiotics I am studying on are sulfonamides, especially sulfamethoxazole which is frequently detected in wastewater treatment plants, surface water and cattle farm. Protein stable isotope probing is the powerful method I am adopting for analysis of antibiotic-degrading bacteria community in soil.

My aim is to provide more information on elimination of antibiotics in the environment and mitigate propagation of antibiotic resistance.


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