Georg Braun

Georg Braun
photo: Sebastian Wiedling


Permoserstr. 15
04318 Leipzig

Building: 6.1
Room: 105
Phone: +49 341 6025 2140

Georg Braun 

Georg studied Bioanalysis at the Coburg University of Applied Sciences and Arts.

His bachelor thesis was dedicated to the modelling and analysis of the effects of complex environmental pollutants in different mammalian cell lines as part of the project "Kleingewässermonitoring" at the UFZ. For his master thesis he investigated the enzyme CYP1A1 and its contribution to the hepatic metabolism of new chemical entities in the pharmaceutical industry.

In his doctoral project, he is modelling and investigating which groups of chemical mixtures humans are exposed to and the extent to which their mixture effects influence the development and function of neuronal cells. Of particular interest in this context is the identification of the main effect drivers and the assessment of the most relevant classes of substances from a regulatory point of view.