Dr. Julia Huchthausen

Julia Huchthausen
Photo: Sebastian Wiedling

Permoserstr. 15
04318 Leipzig

Building: 6.0
Room: 219a
Phone: +49 341 6025 1092

Julia Huchthausen 

Julia Huchthausen studied biochemistry at Leipzig University until 2019 and became part of the Department of Cell Toxicology during her Master's thesis.

After working as a research assistant in the Department of Cell Toxicology for one and a half years, Julia started her PhD entitled: "Improving In Vitro Bioassays: Addressing Chemical Transformation and Baseline Toxicity." The PhD was part of the PrecisionTox project, which is funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme. In her PhD, Julia investigated the abiotic stability and reactive toxicity of chemicals in in vitro bioassays, the metabolic activity of reporter gene cell lines and developed an improved model for the prediction of baseline toxicity of chemicals in bioassays. Julia also had the opportunity to participate in a collaborative project with the Queensland Alliance for Environmental Health Sciences, funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), which focused on the identification and quantification of metabolites of novel psychoactive substances in wastewater.

Since April 2024, Julia has been working as a research associate in the Panoramix project, where she is working on the optimization and development of high-content imaging assays for mitochondrial toxicity and genotoxicity.