Chemicals In The Environment Profiler



CITEPro is a platform for high-throughput sample preparation, the automated exposure of cell cultures and aquatic organisms, and the automated analysis of the effects and chemical concentrations for large numbers of chemicals and environmental samples.

The platform increases the sample throughput of established bioanalytical, toxicological and analytical methods and is therefore suited for a wide range of applications including the spatial and temporal resolution of contamination with micropollutants in various environmental matrices from water, sediment and soil to biota and humans.

CITEPro is managed by the Department Cell Toxicology and core members are the departments of Bioanalytical Ecotoxicology, Effect-Directed Analysis and Ecological Chemistry.

 CITEPro is comprised of 10 modules:

# Title of the CITEPro Module
1 High-throughput bioassays with mammalian cells
2 High-throughput bioassays with bacteria
3 High-throughput bioassays with zebrafish embryos
4 High-throughput bioassays with green algae
5 Exposure assessment in bioassays
6 Water sample preparation with solid-phase extraction
7 Condensed sample preparation (sediment, biota)
8 Fractionation for effect-directed analysis
9 Target and non-target LC-HRMS screening in complex samples
10 Target and non-target GC-HRMS screening in complex samples