CuliFo 3 (assoc) - Modelling of mosquito habitat distribution using observational citizen science & presence data

EcoEpi associates with CuliFo 3 in terms of modelling observational data on mosquito observations to find ecological habitat determinations and spread dynamics of invasive species. CuliFo addresses the question which environmental conditions favour mosquito outbreaks. The environmental conditions being investigated include abiotic and biotic factors such as temperature, precipitation, habitat and landscape structure.

The project is run together with ZALF Institute.

IRIS - Local and global tick models under climate projections - P6 of HICAM

Project within the HI-CAM initiative of the Helmholtz Alliance. EcoEpi is developing a spatially-explicit, small scale metapoluation model to represent tick dynamics dependent on micro-climatic and landuse parameters. The work is accompanied by large-scale habitat modelling through collaboration with Katharina Brugger at the Vet Uni Vienna.

The results are summarized in

Nolzen et al. (2022) Model-based extrapolation of ecological systems under future climate scenarios: The example of Ixodes ricinus ticks. PLOS One 17(4): e0267196.

EcoEpi HICAM - predicted tick density under climate model projections