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Department of Ecological Modelling

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Franziska Taubert

Research interests

  • forest and grassland modelling
  • structure and dynamics of forests and grasslands under disturbance and climate change
  • methods in ecology


Understanding global forest fragmentation patterns

By the analysis of high-resolution remote sensing data, we show that in the tropics and subtropics similar patterns of the distribution of fragment sizes across the continents America, Africa and Asia-Australia emerge. These patterns closely follow analytical predictions of percolation theory at some specific point (critical point of percolation). We developed a dynamic fragmentation model based on principles of percolation theory which allows to simulate fragmentation of coninental-wide tropical forest areas (of 30 m resolution). In our simulations, we demonstrate that beyond the critical point continental tropical landscapes will consist of 33-fold small and isolated forest fragments in the future if deforestation proceeds as currently observed. Our scenario analysis shows that even efforts of reforestation and decreased deforestation still would lead to an enhanced fragmentation of forests.

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Publication: Global patterns of tropical forest fragmentation

Download (accepted manuscript version of 9 January 2018) (1.4 MB)

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Forests and Grassland Dynamics

Remote Sensing and Ecological Modelling

Forest fragment The aerial photo shows forest fragments of the Brazilian Atlantic rainforest in Northeastern Brazil (Mata Atlântica), surrounded by sugar cane plantations.
Photo: Mateus Dantas de Paula

Explaining the structure of tropcial forests

We developed a forest packing model (FPM) which uses simple principles of stochastic geometry and successfully reproduces the structure of natural tropical forests in terms of

  • their tree size distribution,
  • vertical leaf area distribution, and
  • local horizontal structure (e.g. local forest height, local packing density)

See also

Publication: The structure of tropical forests and sphere packings (open-access)

Forests and Grassland Dynamics

Simulating species-rich grasslands with GRASSMIND

GRASSMIND is an individual- and process-based model designed for simulating the structure and dynamcis of herbaceous communities including

  • competition between individual plants for light, space, soil water and nitrogen
  • different management regimes(mowing, irrigation, fertilization)
  • climatic changes (drought events, increased temperatures, ...)


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Model concept of GRASSMIND (Supplementary data of review paper)

Forests and Grassland Dynamics

Energy Transition

Integrated Project EnergyLandUse: Sustainable Renewable Energy-Landscapes

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since 2013 Postdoc at the Department of Ecological Modelling
2010 - 2013 PhD student at the Department of Ecological Modelling
2008 - 2010 Master in Applied Mathematics at the University of Applied Science (HTWK) Leipzig
2004 - 2008 Diploma in Business Mathematics at the University of Applied Science (HTWK) Leipzig