EcoEpi News Archiv (selected)


Henning Nolzen started a PostDoc position at EcoEpi within the HI-CAM initiative. Henning is about to implement a spatially-explicit, small scale metapoluation model to represent tick dynamics dependent on micro-climatic and landuse parameters. The work is accompanied by large-scale habitat modelling through collaboration with the team of Katharina Brugger & Franz Rubel at the Vet Uni Vienna.

Adam Reichold (MSc) joined the EcoEpi team. Adam models pathogens of pollinator species in virtual landscapes in support of the BIODIVERSA project VooDoo (Viral ecO-evOlutionary Dynamics of wild and domestic pOllinatOrs under global change. Supported by FR, CH, DE, PL).

Eleftherios Meletis performed an STSM in the frame of COST action SOUND- Control addressing output-based comparision of surveillance programmes using network fitting.


Jonas Brock won the first price for young presenters at the International DACh-Meeting of DVG in Freising (Germany) for the talk "Modellierung des regionalen BVD-Überwachungsprogramms in Sachsen-Anhalt" co-authored by Tierseuchenkasse (Alexandra Koch), Landesamt für Verbraucherschutz Sachsen-Anhalt (Robert V. House, Miriam Linder, Kerstin Albrecht, Benno Ewert) & EcoEpi.

With the talk "BVD in Sachsen-Anhalt . Simulation des Rinderhandels-Netzwerks" Martin Lange presented the first livestock model driven by synthetic farm trading network with emerging animal movement patterns equal to HIT (Herkunftssicherungs- und Informationssystem für Tiere,


EcoEpi received the UFZ Knowledge Transfer Award 2018 for smart knowledge-driven models applied to emergency problems of European Animal Health decisions.