Martin Schrön

CV as of Sep 2020.  (Download as PDF)

Dr. rer. nat. Martin Schrön

Born on Sep 12th, 1985 in Cottbus, GER.
Married since 2013, father of 3 children (2011, 2014, 2017).
Affiliated with Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research GmbH – UFZ,
Permoserstr. 15, 04318 Leipzig, GER.


Period Affiliation, Department Mentor Role
since 2016 Jul(2) Helmholtz Centre for Env. Res. – UFZ, Leipzig, GER, Dep. Monitoring and Exploration Technologies Postdoc
2016 Jul–Dec University of Bristol, UK, Dep. Civil Engineering, Group “Water and Environment” R. Rosolem Research fellow
2015 Sep–2017 Feb University of Potsdam, GER, Inst. for Earth and Environmental Science S. E. Oswald Promotion, defense in Feb 2017 (“m.c.l.”)
2012 Dec–2016 Jun(2) Helmholtz Centre for Env. Res. – UFZ, Leipzig, GER, Dep. Monitoring and Exploration Technologies, Dep. Computational Hydrosystems S. Zacharias, P. Dietrich, L. Samaniego PhD student, thesis submitted in Jun 2016
2012 Oct–Nov University of Greifswald, GER, Inst. of Botany and Landscape Ecology H. Joosten Research assistant
2011 Sep–2012 Feb Technical University Berlin, GER, Dep. Astronomy and Astrophysics D. Breitschwerdt Guest student
2011 Jan–2012 Aug(4) University of Heidelberg, GER, Inst. of Theoretical Astrophysics Ch. Federrath, R. Klessen Diploma thesis
2006–2012 Max-Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics, Heidelberg, GER A. Kellerbauer Technical assistent
2005 Oct–2012 Apr University of Heidelberg, GER, various institutes Student of Physics, Diploma (“good”)
1998–2005 Max-Steenbeck-Gymnasium (Grammar School), Cottbus, GER Abitur (1.3)
(x) includes x months of parental leave


Member of the science communities: DPG (Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft), EGU (European Geosciences Union), AGU (American Geophysical Union)

Color key: local collaborators, national cooperation, international cooperation

Commitments (10)

Period Role Association Reference
2020 Reviewer Evaluation of scientific quality of applications/PhD dissertations for the KlarText-Award for Science Communication Klaus-Tschira-Stiftung
2019+ Guest Editor Remote Sensing, Special Issue “Remote Sensing of Regional Soil Moisture” M. Pause
2019+ PI BMBF Joint German-Israeli Water Technology Research Program: “Precise soil moisture estimation with cosmic-ray neutrons” N. Agam
2019+ Topic Editor Frontiers in Water, Special Issue “Innovative Methods for Non-invasive Monitoring of Hydrological Processes from Field to Catchment Scale” H. Bogena
2018+ PI, Co-PI DFG Research Unit FOR-2694, “Cosmic Sense: Large-Scale and High-Resolution Mapping of Soil Moisture on Field and Catchment Scales – Boosted by Cosmic-Ray Neutrons” S. Oswald
2018+ Expert consultant Joint FAO/IAEA Division of Nuclear Techniques in Food and Agriculture, Int. Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna E. Fulajtar
2018+ Primary convener EGU Int. Conf., yearly session: “Cosmic rays across scales and disciplines: the new frontier in environmental research” M. Zreda
2016+ Member Scientific Steering Committee of TERENO (Terrestrial Environmental Observatories in Germany) H. Vereecken
2014+ Co-developer URANOS – The Ultra Rapid Adaptable Neutron-Only Simulation for Environmental Research M. Köhli
2013+ Co-developer mHM – mesoscale Hydrologic Model L. Samaniego

External Funding and Proposals (5)

Year Call Role PI and Partners Total fund
2019+3 BMBF Joint German-Israeli Water Technology Research Program PI M. Schrön (PI Germany), N. Agam (PI Israel, Ben-Gurion Uni Negev), S. Zacharias (Co-PI)  ≈ 300 k€
2018+3 DFG Research Unit FOR-2694 “Cosmic Sense” PI, Co-PI (2 modules) S. E. Oswald et al. (Uni Potsdam, UFZ, Uni Heidelberg, TU Berlin, Uni Augsburg, KIT, FZJ, GFZ)  ≈ 2 M€
2016 eLTER H2020 Transnat. Access Program Supervision L. Piussi, M. Schrön (Uni Bozen-Bolzano, UFZ) 875 €
2015 DPG: WE-Heraeus Communication Program PI M. Schrön (UFZ) 277 €
2011 CPU time on FZJ-Juropa supercomputing cluster student Ch. Federrath, M. Schrön (Uni Heidelberg) CPU time

Awards (11)

Date Event Description Price
2019 Feb Verständliche Wissenschaft (HZG Geesthacht) Audience award for best public science presentations 2nd, 1 500 
2018 Oct Klaus-Tschira-Stiftung KlarText-Award for Science Communication, field: Geoscience 5 000 €, short film, print media coverage
2017 Nov UFZ Research Award UFZ award for outstanding research, to the team of mHM developers Award, 10 000 € shared
2015 Dec Science Slam German Finals Presentation contest 1st (German Master)
2015 Nov HIGRADE Conference Poster award 1st
2015 Oct Science Slam Presentation contest 1st
2015 May Science Slam Presentation contest 1st
2015 Mar Science Slam Presentation contest 1st
2013 Feb FameLab Saxony Presentation contest 1st (jury) + 1st (audience)
2005 Jun BT University Cottbus Special engagement in ergonomics and economic psychology Award
2003 May jugend forscht Geo- and space science 3rd

Software & Tools (4+)

Year Developer Name Methods
2015+ M. Köhli, M. Schrön URANOS – The Ultra Rapid Adaptable Neutron-Only Simulation for Environmental Research Particle physics, Monte Carlo
2013+ L. Samaniego et al. mHM – mesoscale Hydrologic Model Hydrology, multiscale param. regionalization
2013+ M. Schrön et al. Various tools for scientific writing Markdown, Latex, Bash
1999+ M. Schrön Various websites (front-end & back-end development) HTML5, CSS, Perl, JavaScript, MySQL


Publ. No. Inventors Title Status
US 2019/0178818 A1 M. Zreda, S. Hamann, M. Schrön, M. Köhli Distance and direction-sensitive cosmogenic neutron sensors pending

Referee for Journals and Proposals (11)

Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci. (2), J Hydrology (3), Remote Sensing (1), US Dept. of Agriculture (2), Vadose Zone J (1), Water Resour. Res. (3)

Research Articles (19)

*= equal contribution, ca = corresponding author, national cooperation, international cooperation, R = in review
H Highlight article (Editor selection) T Top ten of most cited WRR papers 07/15–07/17
C Highly cited paper (Web of Science, 04/2017)

Year Authors Title Journal Cited
2020 B. Fersch, T. Francke, M. Heistermann, M. Schrön, V. Döpper, J. Jakobi, G. Baroni, …, S. E. Oswald (+24) A dense network of cosmic-ray neutron sensors for soil moisture observation in a highly instrumented pre-Alpine headwater catchment in Germany Earth Syst. Sci. Data 0
2020 J. Jakobi, J. A. Huisman, M. Schrön, J. Fiedler, C. Brogi, H. Vereecken, H. Bogena Error estimation for soil moisture measurements with cosmic ray neutron sensing and implications for rover surveys Frontiers in Water 0
2019 P. Schattan, M. Köhli, M. Schrön, G. Baroni, S. E. Oswald Sensing area-average snow water equivalent with cosmic-ray neutrons: the influence of fractional snow cover Water Resour. Res. 8
2019 A. Lausch, …, M. Schrön, …, M. E. Schaepman (+39) Linking Remote Sensing and Geodiversity and Their Traits Relevant to Biodiversity – Part I: Soil Characteristics Remote Sensing 9
2019 Dazhi Li, M. Schrön, M. Köhli, H. Bogena, J. Weimar, M. Jiménez-Bello, X. Han, M. Martínez-Gimeno, S. Zacharias, H. Vereecken, H.-J. Hendricks-Franssen Can drip irrigation be scheduled with Cosmic-ray Neutron Sensing? Vadose Zone J. 3
2018 B. Fersch*, T. Jagdhuber*, M. Schrön*, I. Völksch, M. Jäger Synergies for Soil Moisture Retrieval Across Scales from Airborne Polarimetric SAR, Cosmic‐Ray Neutron Roving, and an In Situ Sensor Network Water Resour. Res. 10
2018 G. Baroni*, L. Scheiffele*, M. Schrön, J. Ingwersen, S. E. Oswald Uncertainty, sensitivity and improvements in soil moisture estimation with cosmic-ray neutron sensing J. Hydrology 13
2018 M. Köhli, M. Schrön, U. Schmidt Response Functions for Detectors in Cosmic Ray Neutron Sensing Nuclear Instrum. Meth. A 10
2018 M. Schrönca, R. Rosolem, M. Köhli, L. Piussi, I. Schröter, J. Iwema, S. Kögler, S. E. Oswald, U. Wollschläger, L. Samaniego, P. Dietrich, S. Zacharias Cosmic-Ray Neutron Rover Surveys of Field Soil Moisture and the Influence of Roads Water Resour. Res. 21
2018 M. Schrönca, S. Zacharias, G. Womack, M. Köhli, D. Desilets, S. E. Oswald, J. Bumberger, H. Mollenhauer, S. Kögler, P. Remmler, M. Kasner, A. Denk, P. Dietrich Intercomparison of Cosmic-Ray Neutron Sensors and Water Balance Monitoring in an Urban Environment Geosci. Instrum. Method. Data Syst. 15
2017 M. Schrönca, M. Köhli, L. Scheiffele, J. Iwema, H. Bogena, L. Lv, E. Martini, G. Baroni, R. Rosolem, J. Weimar, J. Mai, M. Cuntz, C. Rebmann, S. E. Oswald, P. Dietrich, U. Schmidt, S. Zacharias Improving Calibration and Validation of Cosmic-Ray Neutron Sensors in the Light of Spatial Sensitivity Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci. 35
2017 M. Schrön (PhD thesis) Cosmic-Ray Neutron Sensing and its Applications to Soil and Land Surface Hydrology Verlag Dr. Hut 5
2016 B. Wolf, C. Chwala, B. Fersch, J. Garvelmann, W. Junkermann, M. J. Zeeman, A. Angerer, …, M. Schrön, …, H. P. Schmid (+33) The ScaleX campaign: scale-crossing land-surface and boundary layer processes in the TERENO-preAlpine observatory Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc. 33
2016 O. Rakovec, R. Kumar, J. Mai, M. Cuntz, S. Thober, M. Zink, S. Attinger, D. Schäfer, M. Schrön, L. Samaniego Multiscale and multivariate evaluation of water fluxes and states over European river basins J. Hydrometeorol. 89
2015 M. Schrönca, S. Zacharias, M. Köhli, J. Weimar, P. Dietrich Monitoring Environmental Water with Ground Albedo Neutrons and Correction for Incoming Cosmic Rays with Neutron Monitor Data Proceedings of Science (ICRC2015) 10
2015 M. Cuntz*, J. Mai*, M. Zink, S. Thober, R. Kumar, D. Schäfer, M. Schrön, J. Craven, O. Rakovec, D. Spieler, V. Prykhodko, G. Dalmasso, J. Musuuza, B. Langenberg, S. Attinger, L. Samaniego Computationally inexpensive identification of noninformative model parameters by sequential screening Water Resour. Res. 31
2015 M. Köhli*, M. Schrön*ca, M. Zreda, U. Schmidt, P. Dietrich, S. Zacharias Footprint Characteristics Revised for Field-Scale Soil Moisture Monitoring with Cosmic-Ray Neutrons Water Resour. Res. 134
2014 Ch. Federrath, M. Schrön, R. Banerjee, R. Klessen Modeling Jet and Outflow Feedback during Star Cluster Formation Astrophys. J. 120
2014 T. Peters, P. Klaassen, M. Mac Low, M. Schrön, Ch. Federrath, M. Smith, R. Klessen Collective Outflow from a Small Multiple Stellar System Astrophys. J. 39
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Acknowledged Contributions (13)

Year Lead author Short title Journal Cited
2020 J. Weimar et al. Large-Scale Boron-Lined Neutron Detection Systems as a 3He Alternative for Cosmic Ray Neutron Sensing Frontiers in Water 0
2020 P. de Klerk et al. Short-distance distribution patterns of testate amoebae in an Arctic ice-wedge polygon mire (Berelekh-Indigirka lowlands, NE Siberia) J. Polar Biol. 0
2017 L. Samaniego et al. Toward seamless hydrologic predictions across scales Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci. 39
2017 P. de Klerk et al. Vegetation, recent pollen deposition, and palynomorphs in a degrading ice-wedge polygon mire complex Rev. Palaeobot. Palyno. 9
2016 A. Wiedemann et al. An empirical study of the wound effect on sap flux density measured with thermal dissipation probes Tree Physiol. 17
2016 L. Schirrmeister et al. Studies of Polygons in Siberia and Svalbard Rep. Polar Marine Res. 3
2016 I. Heidbüchel et al. Use of cosmic-ray neutron sensors for soil moisture monitoring in forests Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci. 34
2016 A. Teltewskoi et al. 4000 Years of Changing Wetness in a Permafrost Polygon Peatland Permafrost Periglac. Process. 31
2015 I. Schröter et al. Estimation of Catchment-Scale Soil Moisture Patterns based on Sparse TDR Using Fuzzy C-Means Clustering Vadose Zone J. 21
2014 J. Friesen et al. Evolution of forest precipitation water storage measurement methods Hydrol. Process. 46
2014 F. Beermann et al. Stoichiometric analysis of nutrient availability within soils of polygonal tundra J. Biogeochemistry 31
2014 P. de Klerk et al. Vegetation patterns, pollen deposition and palynomorphs in an ice-wedge polygon J. Polar Biol. 26
2012 Ch. Federrath and R. Klessen The star formation rate of turbulent magnetized clouds Astrophys. J. 461

Study papers (8)

Year Type Authors Title Pages
2017 PhD thesis1 M. Schrön Cosmic-Ray Neutron Sensing and its Applications to Soil and Land Surface Hydrology 223
2012 Diploma thesis M. Schrön Implementation of a Subgrid Model for Outflows of Sink Particles 75
2009 Seminar paper S. Proft, M. Schrön Limnology at the lake Willersinnweiher 42
2008 Seminar talk M. Schrön Self-Organized Pattern Formation 20
2008 Seminar paper M. Schrön, S. Proft Nuclear Magnetic Resonance 6
2008 Seminar paper M. Maier, M. Schrön Potential Flow and Why do Planes Fly? 30
2007 Seminar paper M. Schrön, M. Mercker Solutions of the Diffusion Equation and Time Lag in Membranes 14
2007 Seminar paper M. Schrön An Introduction to Hydrodynamics of Fluid Waves at the Approximation of Small Amplitudes 42
1= Book published by “Verlag Dr. Hut GmbH”, ISBN 978-3-8439-3139-7, urn:nbn:de:kobv:517-opus4-395433

Major Research Presentations (27)

Year Event Location Convener Coauthored Authored
2020 COSMOS Workshop Heidelberg, GER 11 3
2020 Colloquium at Deutscher Wetterdienst (DWD) Lindenberg, GER 1 invited
2019 AGU San Francisco, US 1 1
2019 Physics Colloquium, Uni Kiel Kiel, GER 1 invited
2019 EGU Vienna, AT 2 7 1
2019 NMDB Neutron Monitor Meeting Athens, GR 1
2018 AGU Washington DC, US 1 1
2018 TERENO Internat. Conf. Berlin, GER 1 1 3
2018 EGU Vienna, AT 1 5 2
2017 DPG Ger. Physical Soc. Spring Meet. Erlangen, GER 1
2017 AGU New Orleans, US 4 1 +1 invited
2017 EGU Vienna, AT 2 2
2017 DGG Ger. Geophys. Soc. Annual Conf. Potsdam, GER 1
2017 DPG Ger. Physical Soc. Spring Meet. Bremen, GER 2
2016 COSMOS Workshop Copenhagen, DK 7 1
2016 EGU Vienna, AT 4 1 invited
2016 Helmholtz Soc. New Year Reception Berlin, GER 1 invited
2015 AGU San Francisco, US 3 1
2015 Internat. Cosmic-Ray Conf. Den Haag, NL 1
2015 EGU Vienna, AT 2 2
2015 DPG Ger. Physical Soc. Spring Meet. Heidelberg, GER 1 1
2014 AGU San Francisco, US 1 1
2014 TERENO Internat. Conf. Bonn, GER 1
2014 COSMOS Internat. Workshop Leipzig, GER 1 1 2
2014 EGU Vienna, AT 2
2013 AGU San Francisco, US 1
2013 DBG Ger. Soil Sci. Soc. Annual Conf. Rostock, GER 1

Teaching (8+)

Year Type Location Topic Team
2020 School Taucha (GER) Math and Physics, class 6 and 8
2018–2020 BeLL UFZ, W.O. Gymnasium Leipzig “Besondere Lernleistung (BeLL)”: school internship, dissertation, oral exam on “Cosmic Ray Neutron Physics” S. Samaniego, B. Kasparek
2019 Lecture Düren (GER) Cosmic-ray neutron sensing (TERENO NEON Carbon Workshop) H. Loescher et al.
2018 Course UFZ Effective Graphics and Data Visualization M. Wu
2018 Excursion (1 week) Uni Potsdam, Rostock Landscape Excursion in Hydrology and Geoecology L. Samaniego
2018 Lecture Uni Ferrara (IT) Cosmic-ray neutrons (ISAPP School on “Using Particle Physics to Understand and Image the Earth”) F. Mantovani
2016 Lecture and practical training Uni Potsdam Soil Physics, Hydrology, Plant-Soil Relations N. Rudolph-Mohr
2006+ Private tutoring Heidelberg Physics, Maths

Public Outreach and Science Communication (16)

Year Type Event Location Title
2020 Article Helmholtz Information & Data Science Academy The Neutron Collector
2019 Presentation Tagung “Schule MIT Wissenschaft Thüringen” Steigenberger Esplanade Jena Kosmische Strahlung in der Umweltforschung
2019 Presentation HZG Verständliche Wissenschaft 2019 Finals Theater Geesthacht Bodenfeuchte-Messung mit explodierenden Sternen
2018 Article Die ZEIT 2018/42: KlarText Magazin Von Fluten, Dürren und der Hilfe aus dem All
2017 Presentation Science Slam, Astroseminar Inst. Physics, Uni Münster Kosmische Strahlung und was man damit auf der Erde machen kann
2016 Contribution ZEIT Campus 5/16 Der perfekte Vortrag
2015 Interview TERENO Newsletter 2/16 The Neutron Tracker
2015 Presentation Science Slam German Finals Konzerthaus Dortmund Die dümmsten Bauern haben die größten Kartoffeln? Theoretische Physik & Co.
2015 Presentation Science Slam Werk2 Leipzig Die dümmsten Bauern haben die größten Kartoffeln? Theoretische Physik & Co.
2015 Interview UFZ Newsletter 07/15 Der mit Teilchen aus dem All jongliert
2015 Presentation Science Slam Scheune e.V. Dresden Die dümmsten Bauern haben die größten Kartoffeln? Theoretische Physik & Co.
2015 Presentation Science Slam Haus der Wissenschaft Braunschweig Die dümmsten Bauern haben die größten Kartoffeln? Theoretische Physik & Co.
2014 Interview Forschung aktuell Radio DLF Wie Sternenexplosionen bessere Bodenfeuchte-Messungen ermöglichen
2014 Presentation Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften UFZ Leipzig Demonstration Cosmic-Ray Neutron Sensing
2013 Presentation FameLab German Finals Ringlokschuppen Bielefeld Neutronen gegen den Hunger der Welt
2013 Presentation FameLab Saxony Moritzbastei Leipzig Was können uns explodierende Sterne über Bodenfeuchte erzählen?

Supervision (12)

Year Duration Type Subject Student Association
2020+ 6 mon. Master thesis Geophysical methods for soil water measurement M. Bauckholt Uni Leipzig
2019 6 mon. Master thesis Cosmic-ray modeling K. Shah SVNIT, Surat, India
2018+ 36 mon. PhD thesis Mobile cosmic-ray roving M. Kasner UFZ Leipzig
2018 24 mon. School internship Cosmic-ray Neutron Physics S. Samaniego Ostwald Gymnasium
2018 2 mon. Internship Cosmic-ray physics K. Shah SVNIT, Surat, India
2018+ 36 mon. PhD thesis Hydrological modeling M. Kaluza UFZ Leipzig
2017 3 mon. Internship Neutron physics modeling M. Kaluza UFZ Leipzig
2016+ 36 mon. PhD thesis Hydrological modeling, evapotranspiration J. Brenner UFZ Leipzig
2016 12 mon. Master thesis Neutron detector development J. Weimar Uni Heidelberg
2016 1 mon. Transnational Access Program Soil moisture mapping with CRNS L. Piussi Uni Bozen-Bolzano
2015 12 mon. Master thesis Geology, soil moisture with CRNS M. Kasner Uni Halle-Wittenberg
2014 4 mon. Internship Cosmic-ray physics, remote sensing J. Weimar Uni Heidelberg

Management in Science and Education (11)

Date Event/Organization Role Committee
2020 May EGU Internat. Conf., Vienna, AT, Session “Innovative methods for noninvasive monitoring of hydrological processes from field to catchment scale” Co-convener H. Bogena, C. Chew, M. Schrön, A. Güntner, V. Strati
2019 Apr EGU Internat. Conf., Vienna, AT, Session “Cosmic rays across scales and disciplines: the new frontier in environmental research” Primary convener M. Schrön, M. Zreda, K. Herbst, M. Köhli, W. Rühm
2019 Apr EGU Internat. Conf., Vienna, AT, Session “Innovative methods for noninvasive monitoring of hydrological processes from field to catchment scale” Co-convener H. Bogena, M. Schrön, A. Güntner
2018 Oct TERENO Internat. Conf., Berlin Organizer S. Zacharias, M. Schrön
2018 Apr EGU Internat. Conf., Vienna, AT, Session “Cosmic rays across scales and disciplines: the new frontier in environmental research” Primary convener M. Schrön, M. Zreda, B. Heber, K. Herbst, M. Köhli, N. Lifton, R. Rosolem, S. Zacharias, W. Rühm
2017 Sep TERENO Workshop, Garmisch-Partenk., Session “Cosmic-Ray Neutron Sensing” Co-Convener B. Fersch, M. Schrön, H. Bogena, S. Zacharias, H. Kunstmann
2016 Oct TERENO Workshop, Leipzig Organizer S. Zacharias, M. Schrön
2016+ TERENO Scientific Steering Committee Member H. Bogena, I. Hajnsek, H. Kunstmann, H. P. Schmid, M. Schrön, …, H. Vereecken
2014 May COSMOS Internat. Workshop, Leipzig Organizer, Convener S. Zacharias, M. Schrön, H. Bogena, M. Zreda
2012 Jul Internat. Conf. Galactic Scale Star Formation, Heidelberg Co-organizer F. Bigiel, Ch. Baczinsky, P. Clark, S. Glover, S. Ragan, M. Schrön, R. Smith
2009–2012 Nightline Heidelberg e.V., Heidelberg Member, IT administrator various