Angela Lausch

Angela Lausch, PD. Dr. rer. nat. habil.

Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ
Department of Landscape Ecology
D - 04318 Leipzig

Tel.: ++49 341 235 1961
Fax.: ++49 341 235 1939

Research interests

  1. Bio-Semantic, Eco-Semantic, Geo-Semantic, Linked Open Data (LOD), Spatial Linked Open Data (SLOD)
  2. traiting ecology, traiting remote sensing, find common languages between RS, biology, ecology, geographic disciplies in using new technologies and data of remote sensing, coupling different approaches the get a benefit for future environmental research
  3. quantification of land-use-intensity (LUI) and hemeroby by remote sensing
  4. pattern-process interaction and its scale effects in communities, habitats, bioms
  5. analysing of patterns in data with remote sensing, data mining and spatial data mining techniques
  6. vegetation pattern as sensor for soil characteristics and soil moisture patterns
  7. Coupling terrestrial sensor networks with RS data of drones, airborne and speceborne sensors
  8. hyperspectrale remote sensing methods Remote Sensing