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Dec 9, 2020: "Temporal crop diversity stabilises agricultural production - Relying solely on the diversity of crops to ensure food stability is not enough." press release

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Jul 28, 2022: Tagesschau / Tagesthemen

Interview with Prof. Ralf Seppelt in the Tagesthemen about the Earth Overshoot Day.

Link to the interview (only in German) - 5:35 min

Jul 28, 2022: Tagesschau24

"All countries live on credit - year after year, humanity consumes more natural resources than the earth can renew. Landscape ecologist Ralf Seppelt explains what today's Earth Overshoot Day says - and what resource conservation can look like."

Link to the interview
Link to the video interview (only in German) - 14:25 min


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Mar 7, 2023: Which measures lead to a more efficient retention of water and nutrient fluxes in agricultural landscapes? The video provides a short overview on the Horizon2020 project OPTAIN that investigates this question. video

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