Foto Landschaft

Research Groups

The work of our group is focussed on the description of a) environmentally relevant landscape changes, and b) the impact of land use and management changes on water and matter balance and habitats.
We use multiple model-based methods and optimization algorithms.

The working group “urban form, dynamics and function” detects and models the development of urban form in Europe and assesses its effects on urban ecosystem services.

The use of spectral information from remote sensing from different platforms (satellite, aircraft, ground based) is an important tool to determine land surface characteristics and mode parameters on different spatio-temporal scales.

The research group SALAS (Simulation and Analysis of LAnd Systems) focuses on mostly model-based analyses of land use and land-use change, and its impacts on different environmental factors. A second focal point is the development of scenarios.

The work of this research group focuses on the ecological impacts of different land use and land management options as well as changing environmental conditions. Of central importance to our research is the multi-scale analysis of evolutionary processes, biotic ecosystem services (e.g. pollination), spatial patterns of species distributions, and biodiversity.

The MigSoKo working group identifies spatial pattern of human migration and environmental change and explores the causality between environmental change, population pressure, human migration, and environmental consequences of migration in the tropics.