Community supported transformation of agriculture – innovative and regional (SAT-Ire)    

In different projects, the SAT-IRe working group investigates the potential and the contribution of community supported agriculture for a transformation of the food system. Community supported agriculture (CSA), i.e. direct associations of producers and consumers, try to combine economic, social and ecological advantages.

In the project LeVe-Solawi: food use in community supported agriculture , the utilization paths from harvest to consumption are investigated over an entire harvest year on several CSA farms. It has been found that yields in CSA are comparable to conventional yields or even higher, if food losses and waste are considered.

The project InnoLand-Saxony: Innovative models for a sustainable and regional value chain: synergies and potentials of community-supported agriculture in Saxony investigates ecological, social and economic synergy effects of CSA. The aim is to increase the visibility of the CSA- concept in Saxony through a series of information events and workshops to motivate the foundation of new CSA-projects.

In the project "nascent-SolaRegio: CSA in the context of regional innovation-ecosystems", we aim to build regional innovation ecosystems, which are established by the linkage and cooperation of regional actors (promoters) relevant for CSA. These innovation ecosystems are intended to promote the diffusion of the Solawi concept in economically deprived regions in Germany and to support the conversion of existing farms to CSA.


Lukas Egli (working group leader)
Phone: +49 341 235-482309

Julia Palliwoda (nascent-SolaRegio)
Phone: +49 (0)341 235 1035