Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg

Ralf Seppelt Martin Volk Michael Strauch


  • Introduction to Ecosystem Modelling (teaching materials see stuid.ip of the Martin Luther University)

Martin Volk


  • Project development and project evaluation    


  • Introduction to Geomorphology
  • Regions and Models (as part of the introduction lecture "International Area Studies")
  • Anthropogenic environmental impacts
  • Project development and project evaluation
  • Methods of physical geography

Kathleen Hermans


  • Human-Environment-Interactions for MSc ‚International Area Studies‘ and ‚Natural Resource Management‘, SS and WS (MSc)

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Angela Lausch


  • “Quantitative methods and models in landscape ecology”, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences II, HU Berlin, SS (BSc level)

Dagmar Haase (Guest)


  • Landscape Ecology (BSc level)
  • Statistics (BSc/BA level)
  • Urban Ecosystem Services (MSc/MA level)
  • Land System Science (MSc/MA level)
  • Socio-Environmental Modelling (MSc(MA level)
  • Land-use modelling (MSc/MA level)
  • Flood Risk Modelling and Assessmenr (MSc(MA level)

University Potsdam

Angela Lausch

     Lectures and pracitcals:

  • “Vegetation and habitat modelling with GIS, remote sensing and geostatistics", Univ. of Potsdam, SS (BA level)

UNESP Rio Claro, Brasilien

     Jörg Priess


  • Socio-Environmental Systems, UNESP Rio Claro, Brasilien, 3 SWS

     Jörg Priess , Michael Beckmann


  • Mapping and Assessment of Ecosystem Services, HIGRADE, UFZ, 1 SWS