Martin Schrön

Dr. Martin Schrön



Permoserstraße 15
04318 Leipzig

Building 7.1, Room 226
Phone +49 341 235 1995

What I do

I am measuring soil moisture using passive neutrons from cosmic rays. The measurement footprint is at a scale of 10-20 ha. Our device simply counts the number of neutrons equally distributed in the air. The technology is intended for long-term operation and requires low maintenance.

In order to enlarge the footprint we introduce a rover carrying mobile sensors. We will compare the results with additional data from remote-sensing projects and field studies.

Moreover, we develope and apply hydrologic models and neutron transport models in order to support our measurement strategy and improve the understanding of the detailed physical processes.

More information

Short CV

  • Postdoc 2017+, UFZ Leipzig, Dep. Monitoring and Exploration Technologies
  • Postdoctoral research fellow Jul-Dec 2016, University of Bristol (UK), Water and Environment
  • PhD student Dec 2012-Jun 2016, UFZ Leipzig and University of Potsdam, "Cosmic-Ray Neutron Sensing and its Applications to Soil and Land Surface Hydrology"
  • Research Assistant Oct-Nov 2012 Uni Greifswald, Institute of Botany and Landscape Ecology, "Visualising polygon mires in peatlands" Group website
  • Technical Assistant 2006-2012 Max-Planck-Institut for Nuclear Physics, A. Kellerbauer Group website
  • Diploma Thesis Jan 2011–Feb 2012, ITA Heidelberg, TU Berlin, "Implementation of a subgrid-model for outflows for sink particles", Website
  • Studies in Physics Oct 2005–Apr 2012 Uni Heidelberg
  • Abitur 1998-2005 Cottbus, Max-Steenbeck-Gymnasium

  • ScienceSlam German Final 2015 Master Award (1st)
  • HIGRADE 2015 Conference Poster Award (1st)
  • ScienceSlam 2015 Braunschweig, Dresden, Leipzig (1st price each)
  • FameLab 2013 Saxony (1st + audience price)
  • BT Uni Cottbus 2005 Award for Ergonomics/Industrial Psychology
  • JugendForscht 2003 Geo- and Spatial Science Award (3rd)

  • TERENO Scientific Steering Committee 2016+
  • DPG - Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft

WRR (1), HESS (2), USDA (1), EGU Posters (3)
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ca = corresponding author
* = equal contribution


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