Dr. Christin Müller

Permoserstraße 15
04318 Leipzig / Germany

phone +49 341 235 1540

Christin Müller

Christin Müller
Foto: Sebastian Wiedling/ UFZ

I am as geoecologist and work since 2012 at the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research. In 2012, I started my PhD thesis at the Department Catchment Hydrology about “Isotope patterns to trace large scale nitrogen fluxes and flow dynamics in a European river catchment”. I went through diverse forms of technical and scientific praxis: from the laboratory bench to the computer desk, from the field work to the administrative tasks at the office. Afterwards I started working at the Department Effect-Directed Analysis as project manager for the European Project SOLUTIONS. This very successful project ended by year-end 2018. Now, we want to share our scientific knowledge with a broad audience and implement the outcomes into practice, together with economic/policy decision-makers.

Generally, I am interested in the management of multidisciplinary investigation, in driving research and technical innovation collaboratively with international teams, in building strategic networks of cooperation, and in the support of environmental policies on the basis of scientific evidence.