Final Theses

We offer the possibility to complete Bachelor's or Master's theses as well as doctoral theses (funded by scholarships or depending on current offers) in our department.

Further information is offered by:

Prof. Dr. Werner Brack
Tel.: 0341 - 235 1531 

Prof. Annika Jahnke
Tel.: 0341 - 6025 1527

Dr. Martin Krauss
Tel.: 0341 - 235 1530  

Dr. Alexander Böhme
Tel.: 0341 - 6025 1503

Academic Training



Dr. Eva Reiter
"Combining Chemical Analysis and In Vitro Bioassays to Characterize the Exposome of Organic Contaminants in Marine Mammals", Dissertation, RWTH Aachen

Dr. Carolin Huber
"New Methods for the Detection of Metabolites of Chemicals of Emerging Concern in Human Biomoinitoring",
Dissertation, Goethe University Frankfurt/ Main


Dr. Vid Svara
"Population genetics of the indicator amphipod species Gammarus pulex (Linnaeus, 1758) in relation to anthropogenic organic micropollutants in rivers", Dissertation, Goethe University Frankfurt/ Main

Dr. Oliver Machate

"Expanding our Knowledge on the Impact of Organic Chemicals on Freshwater Lakes", Dissertation, University Leipzig

Dr. Theo Wernicke
"Passive samplers as a proxy for the internal exposure of freshwater organisms", Dissertation, RWTH Aachen


Dr. Mulatu Yohannes Nanusha
"Screening for possibly toxic plant secondary metabolites in surface waters by liquid chromatography coupled to high resolution mass spectrometry", Dissertation, Goethe Universität Frankfurt am Main

Dr. Faith Kandie
"Analytical screening of organic chemicals of emerging concern in western Kenya and their contribution to the prevalence of schistosomiasis", Dissertation, Goethe Universität Frankfurt am Main

Dr. Mara Römerscheidt
"Calibration and Application of Integrative Passive Sampling for Polar Organic Pollutants in Surface Waters"
Dissertation, RWTH Aachen

Warich Leekitratanapisan
"Chemical and bioanalytical screening of WWTP effluents for natural and synthetic steroids and associated endocrine disrupting effects", Master Thesis for the study program MSc. Ecotoxicology, Universität Koblenz Landau


Dr. Liza-Marie Beckers
"Novel approaches to identify drivers of chemical stress in small rivers", Dissertation, RWTH Aachen

Dr. Benjamin Schwarz
"Organische Pro-Chinone und Pro-Chinonimine - elektrochemische Aktivierung und redox-vermittelte Toxizität"