CSC - Chinese Scholarship Council Projects

Cologne study, GeoModel (ANGUS-II), DBHE (from left to right)

Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC) is a funding framework that provides scholarships of variable length to support talented young Chinese graduates to persue a PhD degree abroad (for up to 48 months) or to conduct research stay in a foreign university or research institute (for up to 24 month). Currently, three PhD students, namely Mr. Chaofan Chen, Mr. Boyan Meng and Mr. Wanlong Cai, are supported by CSC to work in the department of Environmental Informatics. Their research activities are focused on the exploration of shallow and deep geothermal resources. More specifically, Chaofan is working on the numerical modelling of deep geothermal exploitation systems, two-phase wellbore models, as well as the optimization of the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) geothermal power plant. Boyan’s PhD project is about the numerical evaluation of the impact of shallow geothermal applications on the subsurface environment. This includes the gas phase formation of water and/or its feedback on the performance of such applications. Wanlong’s research is to apply OpenGeoSys model and TESPy tool for the optimization of deep borehole heat exchanger arrays. 

Selected publications:

  • Chen, S., Witte, F., Kolditz, O., Shao, H.B., (2020): Shifted thermal extraction rates in large Borehole Heat Exchanger array – A numerical experiment. Appl. Therm. Eng. 167 , art. 114750 > direct link
  • Chen, C., Shao, H., Naumov, D., Kong, Y., Tu, K., Kolditz, O., (2019): Numerical investigation on the performance, sustainability, and efficiency of the deep borehole heat exchanger system for building heating. Geotherm. Energy 7 , art. 18 > direct link
  • Meng, B., Vienken, T., Kolditz, O., Shao, H., (2019): Evaluating the thermal impacts and sustainability of intensive shallow geothermal utilization on a neighborhood scale: Lessons learned from a case study. Energy Conv. Manag. 199 , art. 111913 > direct link