Visualization Center

Visualization Center

The Visualization Center TESSIN VISLab (Vislab) allows scientists with different backgrounds to explore and analyse complex and heterogeneous spatial data sets. A large interactive stereoscopic projection screen is used to dive right into the displayed environmental data sets thus helping in understanding scientific questions and challenges. The Vislab fosters knowledge transfer in the scientific community as well as among the general public.


Prof. Olaf Kolditz
Department Head

Tel.: +49 341 235 1281

Lars Bilke
Visualization Center Head

Tel.: +49 341 235 1881

Overview of Projects

The Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research is working in very diverse subject areas and so the projects at the Visualization Center are equally wide ranging. The three main project categories can be classified as (1) visualisation of scientific data (e.g. from geoscientific simulations), (2) visualisation of landscapes and (3) visualisation of urban areas. Currently the emphasis of our work is on the visualisation of geoscientific data.

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