Urban Systems

Energy system infrastructure and storage

Based on the study area of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, an environmental information system has been set up, integrating GIS data, topographical models, subsurface information, and simulation results to visualise the current energy system infrastructure and demonstrate options for large scale energy storage in the subsurface.

Project link: ANGUS II
Video: Virtual Geographic Environment

Urban Infrastucture and Water Systems

Data and model integration for urban water systems including water supply and waste water management; streams, channels, lake, groundwater models; access to online monitoring systems …

Project link: Urban Catchments

Geothermal Energy Systems

Geothermie Taucha

Planning of ground source heat pump systems for heating and cooling supply of a new residential district in the North of Leipzig. Visualization of subsurface structures by geophysical exploration, groundwater level, borehole heat exchangers …

Project link: SAGS , ANGUS+ , EASyQuart

Urban Climate

Urban Climate

The influence of buildings on urban microclimate is simulated and depicted in the actual building plan; wind directions influence temperatures at different elevation …


Waste Water Treatment

Wadi Shu'eib

Options for centralised vs decentralised waste water systems, displayed in the 3D geographical context, integrated GIS tools for cost evaluation based on high-resolution digital elevation models …

Project link: Urban Catchments, SMART-MOVE
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Completed Projects

Visualization of Urban Environments