Energy Systems & Geotechnics

Underground Research Laboratories

Underground research laboratories such as in Mont Terri are dedicated to intensive in-situ research to better understand processes which may occur with the usage of subsurface repositories

Project link: GeomInt, iCROSS,
Credits: To Swisstopo, the Mt. Terri Consortium, BGR, Helmholtz Association for inspiration and continuous support
Funding: GeomInt (BMBF grant 03G0866A), iCROSS (BMBF grant 02NUK053E, Helmholtz Association grant SO-093)

Energy Storage

Salt Caverns

Large underground stores are required for fluctuating renewable energy resources. The frequent loading and unloading of salt cavern arrays is investigated from a geomechanical point of view.

Project link: ANGUS+, H2-UGS
Credits: to the ANGUS team, to BMWi, BMBF for funding

Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS)

Groß Schönebeck

Enhanced geothermal systems (EGS) are being developed for tapping deeper geothermal energy resources. Numerical modeling of the thermo-hydro-mechanical and even chemical processes helps for planning and assessing environmental impacts ...

Project links: GEMex, POF-3 Groß Schönebeck
Credits: to the GFZ for collaboration and Helmholtz Association for funding within POF-3

Thermo-Chemical Heat Storage (NUMTHECHSTORE)


Thermal energy storage is of high strategic relevance for a sustainable energy system. The development of next generation storage systems like thermochemical solutions is accompanied by major scientific challenges. Due to the complexity of the considered storage systems and the exceptional efforts for the development of storage materials as well as for the implementation of large-scale experiments, modelling and numerical simulation are of outstanding importance for the prediction of the operational behaviour and the optimisation of thermochemical heat storage systems.

Credits: to Helmholtz Association for funding

Carbon Capture Storage


Geophysical exploration (e.g. seismics) provides a better picture of subsurface systems and allow for better planning of geological CO2 storage repositories …

Project link: PROTECT, CO2BENCH
Credits: to the BMBF for funding within the Geotechnologies Program

Completed Projects

Geometric modelling with GOCAD