figure EURAD modelling workpackages

Project title: EURAD-2

Project description:

UFZ is involved in following work packages:


An overaching concept for modelling activities in EURAD-2 is building a model hub.

figure EURAD model hub

Model-Hub(s) prototypes initiated in DONUT&PREDIS will be further developed to support collaboration between modelling teams, interface with experimenters and make available knowledge from the HERMES work package (see Figure). This will allow the interconnection of data streams from different codes (process- and data-based models) and data sources (experimental data). The models will be implemented using Jupyter notebooks and tested with benchmarks for coupled process models (link to Task 3) and data from the in-situ experiment (e.g. CD-A and FE at Mont Terri, link to Task 5). The Hub(s) will be used for collaborative implementation of machine learning algorithms to support the development of surrogate models in Task 4. The data connections of the model-hub will be made via standardised interfaces (e.g. XML, HDF5, VTK) and can thus also be integrated into digital twin concepts later on to WP17. The Model-Hub(s) will therefore also play an important role in knowledge management of EURAD-II. The Model-Hub(s) will consider the lessons learned and experience gained from WP-DONUT and PREDIS, where the development of the web-based open access collaborative code-development and data-repository platform (e.g. took place. Task leaders will engage the participants of HERMES and participants are actively contributing to the EURAD-II Model & Data Hubs. Links will be built to WPs SUDOKU and DITOCO2030. The technical aspects of model and data portability will be supported by a collective effort of [UFZ], [PSI], [Golden WSP], [NRG].