Andromeda (JPI-Oceans)


Analysis techniques for quantifying nano-and microplastic particles and their degradation in the marine environment

 Plastics are distributed in the ocean along a continuum of size from macro to MP (1-10 μm) and NP (1< μm) in terms of size due to degradation processes. There has been recent progress in sample collection and analysis, but analytical methods are still longand sometimes expensive, and few techniques can effectively detect NP.


  • Achieve cost-effective analysis of MP by in situ-methods and low-cost laboratory analysis. Compare and cross-validate different analytical methods for MPs including the analysis of tire wear particles (TWPs), fibers and paint flakes
  • Develop and optimize advanced techniques to measure and quantify small and challenging types of MP particles
  • Investigate the degradation of plastic into micro- and NP particles and release of organic additives
  • To disseminate project results and developed protocols to a range of audiences, including public authorities, the private sector, academia and the general public


Aurelio Giovanni Foscari Widmann Rezzonico
Hemholtz Center for Environmental Research - UFZ
Department of Analytical Chemistry

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