Jana Gaibler

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since 11.2023

PhD Student, Department Microbial Biotechnology, Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ), Leipzig

2020 - 2023

Master of Science in Biochemistry, Ulm University
Master Thesis: "Hexanoate production with metabolically engineered Acetobacterium woodii strains using hydrogen and C1-carbon sources"

2016 - 2020

Bachelor of Science in Biology, Ulm University
Bachelor Thesis: "Promoter studies using the fluorescence-activating and absorption-shifting tag (FAST) in Escherichia coli, Eubacterium limosum and Acetobacterium woodii"

  • Flaiz, M., Baur, T., Gaibler, J., Kröly, C., and Dürre, P. (2022)
    Establishment of Green- and Red-Fluorescent Reporter Proteins Based on the Fluorescence-Activating and Absorption-Shifting Tag for Use in Acetogenic and Solventogenic Anaerobes.
    ACS Synth Biol
    11: 953–967