Bioreactors - Continuous cultivation of microbial communities

Continuous cultivation of microbial communities under anaerobic conditions provides tremendous opportunities to gain insights into taxonomical and functional response on a cellular / molecular level. Samples can be taken from these systems without disrupting the communities allowing for experiments that research not only the immediate response, but also chronic exposure and recovery.

Created in and modified by Kristian Jensen Pedersen and Sven Haange
Samples taken can be analyzed using omics-based analytical methods established in our working group such as 16S rRNA gene profiling and metatranscriptomics for taxonomical insights and pathway enrichment, metaproteomics for protein expression and functional insights as well as targeted and untargeted metabolomics for the actual bacterial end-products.

In our bioreactor laboratory we currently have 12 reactors and two established model systems that can be cultivated in the bioreactors, namely Simplfied Inestinal Human Microbiota extended (SIHUMIx) and The Oligo-Mouse-Microbiota (OligoMM12), as well as cultivation of bacterial communities harvested from fecal samples. We have expertise in a wide variety of microbiological methodologies both in batch and continuous.