Thomas Kalbacher

Dr. Thomas Kalbacher

Deputy Head of Department

Department of Environmental Informatics
Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ
Permoserstr. 15
04318 Leipzig, Germany

phone +49 341 235 - 1093

Publications: [arranged in alphabetical order]

  • Chen, C., Sawarieh, A., Kalbacher, T., Beinhorn, M., Wang, W., Kolditz, O., (2005):
    A GIS based 3-D hydrosystem model application of the Zarqa Ma'in-Jiza areas in Central Jordan
    Journal of Environmental Hydrology 13 , paper 4
  • Delfs, J.-O., Singh, A.K., Kalbacher, T., Wang, W., Kolditz, O., (2013):
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    In: Idelsohn, S., Papadrakakis, M., Schrefler, B., (eds.)
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    CIMNE, Barcelona, p. 949 - 956
    full text (url)
  • Delfs, J.-O., Wang, W., Kalbacher, T., Singh, A.K., Kolditz, O., (2013):
    A coupled surface/subsurface flow model accounting for air entrapment and air pressure counterflow
    Environ. Earth Sci. 69 (2), 395 - 414
    full text (url)
  • Grathwohl, P., Rügner, H., Wöhling, T., Osenbrück, K., Schwientek, M., Gayler, S., Wollschläger, U., Selle, B., Pause, M., Delfs, J.-O., Grzeschik, M., Weller, U., Ivanov, M., Cirpka, O.A., Maier, U., Kuch, B., Nowak, W., Wulfmeyer, V., Warrach-Sagi, K., Streck, T., Attinger, S., Bilke, L., Dietrich, P., Fleckenstein, J.H., Kalbacher, T., Kolditz, O., Rink, K., Samaniego, L., Vogel, H.-J., Werban, U., Teutsch, G., (2013):
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    Environ. Earth Sci. 69 (2), 317 - 333
    full text (url)
  • He, W., Beyer, C., Fleckenstein, J.H., Jang, E., Kalbacher, T., Naumov, D., Shao, H., Wang, W., Kolditz, O., (2015):
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    EGU General Assembly 2015, Vienna, Austria, 12–17 April 2015
    Geophysical Research Abstracts 17
    European Geosciences Union (EGU), p. EGU2015-9785
  • He, W., Beyer, C., Fleckenstein, J.H., Jang, E., Kolditz, O., Naumov, D., Kalbacher, T., (2015):
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    Geosci. Model Dev. 8 (10), 3333 - 3348
    full text (url)
  • He, W., Poonoosamy, J., Kosakowski, G., Van Loon, L.R., Mäder, U., Kalbacher, T., (2016):
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    Terrestrial Environmental Sciences
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    full text (url)
  • He, W., Shao, H., Kolditz, O., Wang, W., Kalbacher, T., (2015):
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    J. Comput. Phys. 295 , 815 - 820
    full text (url)
  • Jang, E., He, W., Savoy, H., Dietrich, P., Kolditz, O., Rubin, Y., Schüth, C., Kalbacher, T., (2017):
    Identifying the influential aquifer heterogeneity factor on nitrate reduction processes by numerical simulation
    Adv. Water Resour. 99 , 38 - 52
    full text (url)
  • Kalbacher, T., Chen, X., Dai, Y., Hesser, J., Wang, X., Wang, W., (2015):
    Richards flow
    In: Kolditz, O., Shao, H., Wang, W., Bauer, S., (eds.)
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    Terrestrial Environmental Sciences
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    full text (url)
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    The IWAS-ToolBox: software coupling for an integrated water resources management
    Environ. Earth Sci. 65 (5), 1367 - 1380
    full text (url)
  • Kalbacher, T., Mettier, R., McDermott, C., Wang, W., Kosakowski, G., Taniguchi, T., Kolditz, O., (2007):
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    Comput. Geosci. 11 (1), 9 - 26
    full text (url)
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    Vadose Zone J. 10 (2), 727 - 735
    full text (url)
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    CIMNE, Barcelona, p. 1261 - 1268
    full text (url)
  • Kalbacher, T., Walther, M., Wang, W., (2015):
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    full text (url)
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    full text (url)
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    full text (url)
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    full text (url)
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    full text (url)
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  • Kolditz, O., Kalbacher, T., Wang, W., (2010):
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    full text (url)
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    full text (url)
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    full text (url)
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    full text (url)
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    full text (url)
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    full text (url)
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    full text (url)
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    full text (url)
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