"SABICAS" - SAfeguard BIodiversity and improve Climate Adaptation in catchment areas under pressure: tools and Solutions. Funded by the Research Council of Norway (RCN).Role: International Partner.

"OPTAIN" - OPtimal strategies to reTAIN and re-use water and nutrients in small agricultural catchments across different soil-climatic regions in Europe. EU Horizon2020-Projekt.
"EU 2020 OPTAIN". Role: Coordinator.

- A European training and research network for environmental FLOW management in river basins. A MARIE SKŁODOWSKA-CURIE ACTIONS Innovative Training Network (ITN) funded under H2020-MSCA-ITN-2017. Role: Partner.

- Understanding cross-habitat linkages between blue and green infrastructure to optimize management of biodiversity, ecosystem services and multiple human uses. BiodivERsA-Project. See also "main Project websiteCROSSLINK". Role: Partner.

- Towards multifunctional agricultural landscapes in Europe: Assessing and governing synergies between food production, biodiversity, and ecosystem services. BiodivERsA-Project. Role: Coordinator.
Find the video that we produced together with BiodivERsA here:

- Linking biodiversity conservation and ecosystem services: advancing insights in tradeoffs and synergies between biodiversity, ecosystem functioning and ecosystem service values for  improved integrated biodiversity policy. BiodivERsA-Project. Role: Partner.

- Ecosystem Science for Policy and Practice. EU-Project. Role: Partner.

SaLMaR - The project SaLMaR develops integrated land and water resource management (ILWRM) strategies to adapt to impacts of progressive changes in the land use system of reservoirs and catchment areas of their socio-economic development. Role: Partner.

Integrated monitoring- and modelling strategy for effects of climate and land use change on soil and soil water balance
and consequences on environmental flow. Grant of the Federal Stae of Saxony-Anhalt (Promotion of science and innovation for the environmental (MLU/15002000/407.1.4/03/13). Applicant: Prof. Dr. M. Frühauf, Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg. Role: Partner.

– Assessment of water Balances and Optimisation based Target setting across EU River Basins.     Submitted as “Preparatory action on development of prevention activities to halt desertification in Europe.     European Union”. (Duration: 2012-2013). Role: Partner.

FUTURE-REG 21 ( Role: Partner.

DataFloodman - Generation of a model-supported rainfall-runoff database to support flood risk management in the Upper Tiber Basin, Umbria, Italy. IRPI - Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Dr. Tommaso Moramarco, Perugia, Italy. (Duration: 2009-2010).

KIDS - Communication for transboundary sustainable environmental management. A web-based land use management game. Supported by the Deutschen Bundesstiftung Umwelt (German Environmental Foundation) "DBU" (Duration: 2009-2010). Role: Partner.

Worked in the project „Influence of land use systems and their bio-geochemical cycles to achieve the greenhouse gas reduction targets“, funded by the German Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF), BMBF-FKZ: 01LG0801A) (Duration: 2008)

IT-Reg-EU - Integrated Trans-regional Land-use Decision Support in a context of changes in climate, deposit regimes and social structures for a (forestal) land-use system in the german-czech republic border region. INTERREG IIIa project . Role: Partner.

FLOODMED - Monitoring, forecasting and best practices for FLOOD Mitigation and prevention in the CADSES region. EU Community Initiative INTERREG III CADSES (2006-2008) responsible for WP 2: "Monitoring networks and analysis of hydrometeorological data for extreme events" . Role: Partner.

NeWater - New Approaches to Adaptive Water Management  Under Uncertainty (Integrated Project EU)
     - WP 1.6, Task 1.6.4: Development of a GIS-based monitroing and information system
    - WP 3.5: Case Study Tisza Basin

FLUMAGIS - Interdisciplinary development of methods and instruments for planning and controlling of measures for the watershed management using GIS (Funded by BMBF, 2002-2005). Role: Partner.

Decision support for a integrated watershed management - assessment of land use conflicts and resolution approaches on the example of  the Weisse Elster watershed (Gunded by BMBF, 2002-2005). Role: Partner.

Ad hoc investigation of contaminants, Elbe flooding 2002 (funded by BMBF). Role: Partner.

Integrated watershed management on the example of the Saale river (2001-2004). Role: Partner.

Natural resources protection and economical development in the Torgau region (1997-2001). Role: Partner.

Impact of land use on the water balance, soil erosion and water quality in the Corumbatai watershed, Sao Paulo, Brasil. Role: Partner.

Landscape development, landscape balance and multiple land use of the landscape of the region Bitterfeld-Dessau-Wittenberg (1995-2000)