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Working Group “Land Use, Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity”

The working group “Land Use, Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity” deals with economic, sociological, political and legal issues related to the protection and sustainable use of ecosystem services and biodiversity in rural areas. Researchers grouped in this working group are interested in management strategies which consider the societal and political decision context in a systematic manner. This is particularly relevant for conflicts between environmental or nature conservation and other forms of land use.

The content and methodological main foci of our working group are:

  • Analysis and development of governance options, including economic incentives,
  • Assessment of biodiversity and ecosystem services,
  • Ecological-economic modelling,
  • Development and implementation of participatory and multi-criteria decision-making tools,
  • Institutional economics approach,
  • Legal interpretation and analysis of law,
  • Design and enforcement of legal instruments,
  • Multi-level Governance-Analysis.

Core competencies of the group include a close interdisciplinary co-operation with natural scientists at the UFZ  (departments of Conservation Biology, Ecological Modelling, Computational Landscape Ecology and Community Ecology), within national and international projects as well as our orientation towards applied problem solving.

Members of the Working Group

Name Department
Jun.-Prof. Dr. Bartosz Bartkowski ÖKON
Dr. Michael Beckmann CLE
Dr. Friedrich Bohn CHS
Marta Bonato CLE
Diego Brizuela Torres NSF
Dr. Alfred Burian CLE
Dr. Elsa Maria Cardona Santos NSF
Prof. Dr. Martin Drechsler ÖSA
Dr. Gunnar Dreßler ÖSA
Dr. Lukas Egli CLE
Samuel Fischer ÖKON
Dr. Johannes Förster UPOL
Prof. Dr. Karin Frank ÖSA
Malin Gütschow ÖKON
Prof. Dr. Bernd Hansjürgens ÖKON
Jasmin Heilemann ÖKON
Irina Heiß CLE
Dr. Elisabeth V. Henn UPR
Gilles Jean-Louis ÖKON
Kaja Alina Jurak ÖSA
Dr. Andrea Kaim (Speaker) CLE
Dr. Christian Klassert ÖKON
Lea Kolb ESS
Julia Kunkel ÖSA
Johannes Linde ÖKON
Dr. Karla Locher Krause UPOL
Dr. Elisabeth Marquard NSF
Dr. Julian R. Massenberg ÖKON
Dr. Stefan Möckel UPR
Prof. Dr. Birgit Müller ÖSA
Dr. Marcela Munoz Escobar UPOL
Mansi Nagpal ÖKON
Dr. Guy Pe'er ESS
Fabian Pröbstl NSF
Dr. Julian Rode UPOL
Dr. Romina Luz Schaller UPOL
Nina Schneider UPR
Dr. Christoph Schröter-Schlaack ÖKON
Charlotte Schüßler ÖKON
Prof. Dr. Ralf Seppelt CLE
Prof. Dr. Josef Settele NSF
Salina Spiering UPOL
Dr. Michael Strauch CLE
Dr. Jessica Stubenrauch (Speaker) UPR
Daniel Vedder ESS
Dr. Heidi Wittmer UPOL
Dr. Yves Zinngrebe NSF