Diego Brizuela-Torres

Department of Conservation Biology and Social-Ecological Systems

Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research GmbH - UFZ
Permoserstraße 15, 04318 Leipzig, Germany

Phone +49 341 235 1650


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CV / Scientific Career

2020 – 2021 Research Assistant. National Environmental Science Programme, Post bushfire recovery support. School of Biosciences, University of Melbourne, Australia.
2020 – 2021 Research Assistant. Review, synthesis and outlook of open-source conservation hardware. School of Biosciences, University of Melbourne, Australia.
2020 Master of Philosophy. The University of Melbourne, Australia.
2019 Academic tutor. Newman College, University of Melbourne, Australia.
2018 Field team leader. Agro-Foresterya y Desarrollo S.C. consultancy, México.
2017 B.S. in Biology, Universidad de Guadalajara, Mexico.
2017 Junior environmental data analyst. South Pole Group, México.
2016-2018 Research Assistant. Botany Institute of the Universidad de Guadalajara, Mexico.

Research interests

• Socio-ecological systems and environmental governance.
• Land use planning and land use/cover change.
• Quantitative and applied ecology.
• Species distribution modelling.


Brizuela‐Torres, D., Elith, J., Guillera‐Arroita, G. and Briscoe, N.J., 2024. Dealing with sampling bias and inferring absence data to improve distribution models of a widely distributed vulnerable marsupial. Austral Ecology49(1), p.e13474.

Brizuela-Torres, D., Villavicencio-García, R., Ruíz-Corral, J.A. and Cuervo-Robayo, A.P., 2023. Effects of climate change on the potential distribution of a dominant, widely distributed oak species, Quercus candicans, in Mexico. Atmósfera37.

Legge, S., Rumpff, L., Woinarski, J.C., Whiterod, N.S., Ward, M., Southwell, ... Brizuela-Torres, D., … & Zukowski, S. 2022. The conservation impacts of ecological disturbance: Time‐bound estimates of population loss and recovery for fauna affected by the 2019–2020 Australian megafires. Global Ecology and Biogeography31(10), pp.2085-2104.

Tena Meza, M., Navarro-Cerrillo, R.M. and Brizuela Torres, D., 2021. Distribution of Malpighia mexicana in Mexico and its implications for Barranca del Río Santiago. Journal of Forestry Research32, pp.1095-1103.