Department Conservation Biology & Social-Ecological Systems

Teaching and supervision of theses


Our department currently offers teaching courses at two universities. More information can be found below.

University of Leipzig – Prof. Dr. Klaus Henle

TU of Munich – Prof. Dr. Kurt Jax
TU of Munich – Dipl.-Ing. (Univ) Hans Kasperidus

Allier-Exlursion 2002 - Dep NSF - Uni Leipzig

Teaching courses at the University of Leipzig, Prof. Dr. Klaus Henle

Together with Thorsten Wiegand, Department of Ecological Modeling, we offer an international Master module Essential of Conservation Biology and Ecological Modeling. Informations about the model, time lines, locations of lectures and supporting material can be found at: (in German):
Material for teaching

Teaching courses at the TU of Munich, Prof. Dr. Kurt Jax

On the basis of varying timely topics from ecology and conservation biology, a seminar is offered on: "Philosophy of nature and the landscape: environmental aesthetic, environmental ethic, philosophy of ecology". Major questions dealt with are, e.g.: Which colloquial and scientific perceptions and ideas of nature exist? Which values are connected to these various ideas? Which methods are adequate to capture these values?
Further information can be found here:
Material for teaching

Supervision of internships, Bachelor, Master, and PhD theses

We offer supervision of theses within the frame of our research projects to high motivated, high qualified students and PhD candidates. Free positions are usually announced at the Website of the staff department. We further offer the opportunity to develop own topics and support such projects in acquiring funding.

Since we get many enquiries, we would kindly ask you to consider the information provided about our research at our webpages and specify your interest inrelation to our research topics. Please feel free to contact the responsible person directly. Further topics can only be supported if they are of exceptional high quality and independence. If you are interested, please send a short overview about your education and qualifications to Ines Höhne.

For further information please contact Prof. Dr. Klaus Henle

Postdocs coming with their own research topic which fits into our research fields are highly welcome and will be supported in acquiring own funding.