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Events from 06.12.2021

Digital twins represent the next step in our understanding of complex technical and natural systems. They represent a digital replica of real-life systems on all scales in structure, interactions and evolution over time.

Digital twins are more than models of reality, as they include direct inclusion of sensors and measurements and provide live feedback to their environment and include intelligent systems that interact with the real world. Digital twins thus break the boundary between the pure digital sphere and our daily experience.

Realizing digital twins of complex systems requires utilizing cutting-edge technologies. In this workshop we address the challenges of developing digital twins across scientific domains and in industry, showcasing the most promising approaches and discussing future prospects. We aim for sharing best practices and discuss the potential of technology solutions that cross the boundaries between application areas.

The workshop features key technology areas such as Exascale Computing, Human Machine Interaction, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Real Time Analytics and Feedback, Intelligent Infrastructures, Simulations, Visual Analytics, Streaming I/O, Scalable Online Analysis, Edge Computing, IoT, Autonomous Systems, and more.