Dr. Jessica Stubenrauch

Research Focus

  • Governance research on sustainable land use and climate change adaptation and mitigation, particularly concerning sustainable agriculture and forestry systems
  • European und national environmental, agricultural, waste and circular economy law, i.e. nature conservation, soil, forest, water and fertiliser law, Common Agricultural Policy
  • International environmental policy and human rights

Curriculum Vitae

since 03/2021

Postdoctoral Researcher at Department of Environment and Planning Law, UFZ

03/2018 – 02/2021

Research assistant at University of Rostock and Research Unit Sustainability and Climate Policy in Leipzig, research project InnoSoilPhos as part of BonaRes


Participation in policy advisory projects on the legal assessment of climate geoengineering and on plastic governance

04/2015 – 02/2018

PhD studies at the University of Rostock, within the framework of the Graduate School of the Leibniz ScienceCampus Phosphorus Research and the and Research Unit Sustainability and Climate Policy in Leipzig

09/2006 – 03/2013

Geography studies, combined with environmental law and political economics at the University of Leipzig

09/2004 – 08/2017

Work in the public administration of the Federal State of Saxony

09/2001 – 09/2004

Study of Taxation and Public Finance, University of Applied Science, Meißen

Current Research Projects

Interdisciplinary project: Regulatory instruments for environmentally sound agricultural landscapes, with Stefan Möckel, Elisabeth Veronika Henn, Michael Strauch and André Wolf.

Interdisciplinary project: The EU’s agriculture and environment policies and their telecouplings, with Yves Zinngrebe, Heidi Wittmer, Julian Rode, Elisabeth Veronika Henn, Eva-Maria Schatz and Moritz Hermsdorf

Selected Further Engagement

  • Panel member of the European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform webinar “Nutrients in EU Green Deal policies: from Objectives to Actions”; Brussels, Belgium, 27.11.2020.
  • Organisation and panel member of the online conference “Never let a good crisis go to waste. How can the international economy be transformed in a social-ecological way now?”; Evangelische Akademie Bad-Boll, Germany, 20.-22.11.2020.
  • Conducting the workshop “Agriculture, Pesticides and Food Safety”, online conference: A more equitable approach to international economic relations. The EU-Mercosur trade agreement in the spotlight (in German), Evangelische Akademie Bad-Boll, Germany, 07.11.2020.
  • Moderation of the workshop “Potentials and perspectives of agricultural self-sufficiency”; Congress Future for all. just. ecological. Feasible, Leipzig, Germany ,28.08.2020.
  • Moderation of the panel discussion “Climate, Social Justice and Limits to Growth”; Public Private School von Fridays for Future, University of Halle, Germany, 26.11.2019.
  • Lecture “Sustainable agriculture - measures for an effective agricultural transition”; Forum of the Leipzig Food Policy Council: After the election - agricultural transition in Saxony, Leipzig, Germany, 12.10.2019.
  • Moderation of the workshop “Better understanding and communicating economic instruments for climate protection”, In dialogue: Climate protection and market economy" “; Forum Ökologisch-Soziale Marktwirtschaft (FÖS), Berlin, Germany, 25.10.2018.