Pictures and more from the group at the UMB

29/ 10/ 2020

Farewell of Richard

We said goodbye to a nice colleague (with some Leipzig speciality) and wish him all the best for his future!

Richard farewell

25/ 06/ 2020

Graduation as lab assistant
Philip mastered his final exam as technical lab assistant.
Congratulations to him as well as his mentor Anne!

Philip exam 1

27/ 11/ 2019

7ths anniversary of the group in Leipzig!
This year we were celebrating the anniversary by setting ourselves a challenge: ESCAPE the room!
As we saved ourselves (as well as Leipzig (group 1) and the world (group 2)), the drinks and meal was well deserved ....

ESCAPE room Team 1
ESCAPE room Team 2

27/ 05/ 2019

We are celebrating the funding of our new project MolkeKraft with respective dairy products.
The funding provides a three year perspective to Katharina (PhD-student) and Luis (PostDoc) that both served us excellently!

MolkeBrunch 3
MolkeBrunch 2
MolkeBrunch 1
(c) Benjamin Korth & Cornelia Dilßner

11/ 04/ 2019

Farewell dinner for László:
We took the occasion of the ending of the short stay of László Koók (from the University of Pannonia, Hungary) in our group for having a couple of beers at the Bayerische Bahnhof.

Beers for Laszlo
(c) Cornelia Dilßner

25/ 01/ 2019

5ths PhD-defence of the group:
Now Dr. rer. nat. Richard (Hegner) finished very successfully at the Leipzig University. He moves South after mastering the last "hurdles" set by the group.
Congratulations!! .... see you!

Doctoral father and son
highly deserved hat
Richard, Falk, Hauke and Jörg
(c) Richard Hegner

19/ 12/ 2018

Farewell to three excellent colleagues:
We said good bye and stay in touch to Katharina and Laura heading for PhD-positions and Jose. Thanks for all your work and good luck!

Three excellent fellows!
The group gathers for their farewell
with excellent food
(c) Benjamin Korth

03-06/ 10/ 2018

EU-ISMET 4 in Newcastle upon Tyne:
The European gathering of researchers involved in microbial electrochemistry and related technologies. Again great fun and excellent feedback for our 4 talks and 1 poster. Further, the election results for the Board of Directors of ISMET were announced: Falk moved in as EU representative!

Falk being elected
Chained to lab bench
Newcastle cathedral church
The UFZ squad

18/ 04/ 2018
B.Sc.-defence at HS Anhalt in Köthen:
Tom defended successfully his B.Sc.-thesis at the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences - Congratulations!

Tom, his supervisors and his alma mater
(c) Falk Harnisch
Tom, his supervisors and his alma mater

16/ 03/ 2018

4ths PhD-defence of the group:
Now Dr. rer. nat. Carolin (Urban, neé Stang) finished with highest honours at the Leipzig University and also mastered the "challenges" set by the group afterwards.

It's all done
Dedicated and tailor made
Challenges thereafter
Special equipment
(c) all pictures: Richard Hegner

30/ 11/ 2017

3rd PhD-defence of the group:
Now Dr. rer. nat. Jörg (Kretzschmar) finished with great success at the University of Excellence TU Dresden.
Jörg and his commitee
Setting sailes to new scientific shores

03-06/ 10/ 2017

ISMET 6 in Lisbon:
Our international meeting of the "scientific family" in the Portuguese metropolis was great fun and we made an excellent impression!
We contributed 1 plenary lecture, 1 talk and 2 posters from our group and co-authored several by our collaboration partners.

Setting sailes to new scientific shores
Conference party
Most Western point
(c) all pictures: Falk Harnisch
diving deep to new discoveries

27/ 09/ 2017

An emotional good-bye and see you again!
After almost 5 years in the group and 10 years at the Department Christin sets sails to new shores in industry.
Thank you very much! All the best, good luck and see you again!

How many group members fit into the kitchen .....?
(c) Jana Reichenbach

22/ 09/ 2017

Group hiking:
For our annual hiking tour only a few could make it, but these possessed high stamina and high power!

The trail
The squad
The outlook
(c) all pictures Falk Harnisch

24/ 08/ 2017

Our group was in charge of organizing this years excursion of the Department. We went to the Auwaldstation and the feedback showed that it was a felicitous day!

Collecting herbs
Making kimchi
Making kimchi
Geo caching
Baking and cooking with herbs
(c) all pictures Hauke Harms

12/ 05/ 2017

2nd PhD-defence of the group:
Now Dr. rer. nat. Benjamin (Korth) finished with highest honours

Bennjamin PhD defence 2
Bennjamin PhD defence 2
Bennjamin PhD defence 1
(c) Johannes Lambrecht

16/ 12/ 2016

1st PhD-defence of the group:
Now Dr. rer. nat. Carla (Gimkiewicz) did a very good job.

Carla defence 1
Carla defence 2
Carla defence 1
(c) Benjamin Korth

15/ 12/ 2016

Farewell to Serena (Simonetti): After having 3 excellent months under the supervision of Christin she returns to Rome. Ciao!

Farewell Serena 2
Farewell Serena 1
(c) Benjamin Korth

26-28/ 09/ 2016

EU-ISMET in Rome: Our continental meeting of the "scientific family" in the Italian capital was great fun and a great success! We contributed 3 talks and 4 posters.

Excellent 4 out of 6 awards for our contributions:
Best Oral Presentation by Benni
Second runner-up Oral Presentation by Christin

Runner-up Poster by Christin
Second runner-up Poster by Babu
(for a collaboration project of us with SOMA)

From left to right - back: Christin, Falk Benni, Babu; front: Richard and Jörg
(c) Casper Borsje

13/ 07/ 2016

Certification of Habilitation - now:
Dr. rer. nat. habil. Falk Harnisch
(Excellent surprise party!)

Dr. rer. nat habil Falk Harnisch
(c) Cornelia Dilßner
The group :-)
(c) Richard Hegner

24/ 06/ 2016

Long Night of Science in Leipzig

Fellow hikers
Caro and Christin explaining
(c) Falk Harnisch
Luis explaining
(c) Hauke Harms

21/ 06/ 2016

Midsummer BBQ:

Celebrating birthdays, the acceptance of four papers (and ourselves).
[Northern Ireland 0 - 1 Germany]

Watching football
(c) Christin Koch
Watching football
(c) Falk Harnisch

19/ 05/ 2016

Hiking in the Saale-Unstrut vinyards near Freyburg
(Unfortunately this year it was only a small squad.)

Fellow hikers
(c) Falk Harnisch

07/ 04/ 2016

Crime scene geocaching (and dinner as well as party afterwards) for celebrating the UFZ-Research Award

Ralley participants
(c) Jörg Kretzschmar

14-16/ 03/ 2016

Congress of the VAAM in Jena:
1 Talk by Christin
3 Posters (Carla, Caro and Richard)
1 Science Slamer (Benni) winning the show - Congratulations!

Benni during the Science Slam
(c) Dr. Anja Störiko
Picture of Carla, Caro and Richard in front of their posters
(c) Falk Harnisch

17/ 02/ 2016

Final exam of Desi as lab assistance passed successfully!
Congratulations to her (as well as Anne for the excellent preparation)

Picture of Anne, Desi and Falk (from left to right) after Desis final exam
(c) Benjamin Korth

17/ 12/ 2015

Xmas-party of our Department with some of us joining the "Nikolausz" for looking forward to a bright 2016 ...

Picture with the Nikolausz at the UMB Xmas party
(c) Marcell Nikolausz

01-04/ 10/ 2015

ISMET 2015 in Tempe, Arizona: Two talks, two poster .... heaps of fun with friends and colleagues.

The highlight was certainly Benni winning the

Award for Best Oral Presentation

Medley ISMET 2015 in Tempe, AZ
(c) Falk Harnisch

11/ 08/ 2015

Hiking tour of part of the group to the Sächsische Schweiz (Saxon Switzerland).

In perfect sunshine and more than 35°C (being far too much) we walked up the Lilienstein as well as the Bastei and enjoyed some beers in Rathen.

Group in fronf of Lilienstein  (Saxon Switzerland)
Bastei (Saxon Switzerland)
(c) F. Harnisch (top) and A. Vilajeliu (bottom)

19/ 05/ 2015

BBQ for ...
     ... celebrating three papers with a long history,
     ... biding farewell to Francy (leaving us after 2 years) as well as Lizzy, and 
     ... a warm welcome back to Anne!

(c) all pictures: F. Harnisch

23 to 25/ 02/ 2015

UFZ-Energy days: One talk, six poster & we have shown our presence on campus!

Benni UFZ Energy days
Luis UFZ Energy days
further poster presenters
(c) C. Koch & L. F. M. Rosa

03 to 05/ 09/ 2014

EU-ISMET in Alcala (Spain): One talk, three poster, numerous conversations and heaps of fun!

Group picture Alcala

27/ 06/ 2014

Long Night of Science: Excellent resonance from the public and good fun!

Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften
Lange Nacht des Wissenschaften
Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften
(C) Andrea Blanka

17/ 06/ 2014

Francy (Franciska Hedrich) successfully finished her apprenticeship as lab assistant in our group - Congratulations!

Francy graduation
(C) Inga Richert

23/ 09/ 2013

A JoVE videographer was in our lab for shooting the video sequences of our coming article.

JoVE shooting 1
JoVe 2
all pictures:
(c) Anne Kuchenbuch

JoVE 3