EKLIPSE is an EU funded project that sets up a sustainable and innovative entry point to knowledge on biodiversity and ecosystem services for decision-makers in Europe.

It aims to:
1. Answer key questions from policy and/or society by mobilising and synthesising the best available knowledge and experts
2. Identify current and future emerging issues of policy makers and citizens related to biodiversity and ecosystem services
3. Create a responsive and active network of experts and knowledge holders across Europe that get acknowledged for providing their knowledge

EKLIPSE's vision is to create a flexible, durable but innovative, challenging but ethical mechanism for evidence-informed decision-making affecting biodiversity and ecosystem services. Once established, the self-sustaining mechanism will be handed over to the wider community of institutions, knowledge holders, and stakeholders.

What's in it for me?

  • As a decision-maker, you may consider using the mechanism to make a request for detailed syntheses of the available knowledge on a relevant topic of your choice - or simply access existing synthesis; and you may also contribute to innovative consultations to explore emerging issues. You can also propose subjects for consultations and debates to identify research priorities and emerging issues.
  • As a scientist (from natural or social sciences), you may actively contribute to the synthesis processes by providing your thematic or methodological expertise, and you could shape the future research policies related to biodiversity by bringing your expertise to foresight activities and follow capacity building events to better understand the policy cycle and how emerging issues reach policy agendas.
  • As a practitioner or other knowledge holder, you may also contribute to the synthesis process depending on the addressed question and the method being used.
  • As a stakeholder, you can get engaged in the scoping of the question, contribute your knowledge and be active in the review process.
  • As a citizen, you can join science cafes and online debates and discussions through EKLIPSE science-society forum.

The UFZ is a partner in EKLIPSE project.

The responsible persons within the UFZ are:

Dr. Heidi Wittmer (EKLIPSE Co-coordinator & Chair of the Knowledge Coordination Body)

Dr. Marie Vandewalle (EKLIPSE Co-coordinator, Ethics contact point and Secretariat contact point)

Dr. Marianne Darbi (EKLIPSE Secretariat contact point)

For general queries about EKLIPSE, please contact Dr. Marie Vandewalle.

More info:
Official website