Aktuelle Drittmittelprojekte

  • SOLUTIONS wants to provide solutions for emerging pollutants in European water resources in close dialogue with stakeholders.
  • NORMAN Association is a self-sustaining network, of reference laboratories, research centres and related organisations for the monitoring and biomonitoring of emerging environmental substances.
  • MassBank Europe is a database with mass spectra of known, unknown and tentatavely identified compounds of environmental relevance. Contact: Dr. Tobias Schulze
  • NFDI4Chem is an initiative to build an open and FAIR infrastructure for research data management in chemistry. Contact: Dr. Tobias Schulze
  • HBM4EU
  • Neurobox - is a project that investigates the neurotoxic effects of anthropogenic trace substances in the water cycle.
  • NaToxAq - this project will produce knowledge about natural toxins in aquatic environments.
  • P3 will conduct ecological research and policy relevant actions on pollution, pathogens and anthropological impacts in mountain ecosystems, especially at the interface of aquatic and terrestrial habitats and in the socio-ecological system.
  • Joint Danube Survey 4 (JDS4) - Contact: Dr. Tobias Schulze
  • Kleingewässermonitoring the nationwide monitoring of small streams provides a quantitative assessment of the influence of pesticides from diffuse agricultural sources on small and medium-sized watercourses.
  • Sentinel

Aktuelle Projekte innerhalb des UFZ

Abgeschlossene Projekte

  • MODELKEY - Models for Assessing and Forecasting the Impact of Environmental Key Pollutants on Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems and Biodiversity
  • EDA-EMERGE is a 4 year Marie Curie ITN project focused on producing young scientists with the interdisciplinary skills required to meet the major challenges in the monitoring, assessment and management of toxic pollution in EU river basins
  • Keybioeffects investigates the cause-effect relationships of the most important pollutants on the biodiversity of European rivers.
  • Riskbase
  • XTRACT was a project to develop a standard operation procedure for the solid phase extraction of waste water of the purpose of biotesting and chemical analysis (Umweltbundesamt FKZ37172632060). Contact: Dr. Tobias Schulze
  • LVSPE-Event was a project to develop a new type of the LVSPE device (AIF ZF4315804CR7). Contact: Dr. Tobias Schulze