Nationwide Monitoring of Small Streams

Plant protection products in the environment are partly responsible for the progressive loss of biodiversity.

The mostly insufficient ecological status of surface waters is most often explained by habitat degradation and excessive nutrient input. But what role do plant protection products play in this context?

The Kleingewässermonitoring (KgM) project provides a worldwide unique quantitative assessment of the impact of pesticides from diffuse agricultural sources on small and medium-sized streams:

  • 140 monitoring stations
  • Consistent sampling in 2018 and 2019
  • Event-driven sampling to record peak concentrations
  • > 1,000 water samples
  • > 500 biological samples
  • Recording of all relevant environmental factors
The comprehensive data set now enables the analysis of complex interrelationships, an assessment of the ecological risk and the identification of the corresponding causes.


   Project Coordination:

    Prof. Dr. Matthias Liess
    Department of System-Ecotoxicology

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