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Uncertainties in the regulation of plant protection products require a critical review of the fate and ecological consequences of pesticides in the environment.

Based on the EU Framework Directive 2009/128/EC on the sustainable use of pesticides, the Federal Government adopted the National Action Plan for Plant Protection (NAP) in 2013. The KgM serves as a pilot study for the implementation of a monitoring of German small water bodies required within the framework of the NAP.

In addition to long-term averaged concentrations, we are also recording short-term peak exposures after run-off in order to identify the associated ecological effects. During the main application period of pesticides (April - June), samples are collected and analysed in parallel using several methods. In addition, the composition of macrozoobenthos in water bodies is determined at different times of the year.

Further, scientists from the collaborating research institutions collect various parameters of water quality and investigate other ecological endpoints, such as biofilms, ecological functions (degradation processes) and genetic diversity.