PhD cohort nanoINHALE

Inhalation as the major uptake pathway for micro- and nanoplastics in air-breathing organisms

Graphical abstract, milestones and expected outcomes of the PhD cohort project nanoINHALE

What do we aim for in nanoINHALE?

nanoINHALE aims to unravel the importance of the largely unknown plastics inhalation mechanism for (1) nanoplastics and (2) plastic-associated chemicals in air-breathing mammals, (3) identify major emission sources and transport pathways and (4) track the impacts of health risk narratives on plastic and air quality regulations. Overall, nanoINHALE contributes knowledge towards a sustainable circular economy of plastics.

Project coordinators

Annika Jahnke (annika.jahnke[at]
Dušan Materić (dusan.materic[at]

Main supervisors of the doctoral students

Dušan Materić (dusan.materic[at]
Elisa Rojo-Nieto (elisa.rojo-nieto[at]
Lennart Schüler (lennart.schueler[at]
Anran Luo (anran.luo[at]

Looking for motivated applicants

We just advertized the positions and look forward to applications by motivated applicants. For further information, we refer to the links:

#1 Nanoplastics - small plastic particles go long, wide and deep

#2 Plastic-associated chemicals in terrestrial biota, including simulated leaching

#3 Identify major emission sources and airborn transport pathways of nanoplastics

#4 The politics of health narratives for regulating emergent risks of airborne plastics

We are happy to answer your questions surrounding the project and the diverse PhD thesis topics!