Dr. Heiko Babel

Working Group:

Systems Biotechnology

Research Interests

Since my master studies I am interested in combining experimental data with theoretical considerations to gain novel insight into systems, processes and biological phenomena. After studying signal transduction in Bacillus and developing novel FRET-based reporter systems I now want to put my systems-viewpoint to use for innovative sustainable processes. At UFZ I want to participate in the revolution that replaces industrial processes that rely on fossil resources with biotechnological production processes.

    09/2017 - 08/2019

    Scientist, Department of Solar Materials
    Helmholtz Center for Environmental Research - UFZ, Leipzig

    2016 - 2017

    Post-Doc in the working group Complex Adaptive Traits
    Max-Planck Institut für terrestrische Mikrobiology

    2012 - 2016

    PhD-Student at University of Heidelberg
    “Theoretische Modelle und FRET-Experimente zur Signaltransduktiondurch schaltbare allosterische Modulatorproteine (SAMPs) in Bacillus subtilis

    2010 - 2012

    M. Sc. Biotechnology (University of Mannheim)
    Master Thesis: “FRET-biosensors for in vivo probing of response-regulator phosphatase interactions in the Bacillus subtilis sporulation phosphorelay.”

    2007 - 2010

    B. Sc. Biotechnology (University of Mannheim)
    Bachelor Thesis: “The localization of the enzymes RibB and RibT of riboflavin-biosynthesis in Bacillus subtilis


    • Babel H. and Bischofs I.B. (2016)
      Molecular and cellular factors control signal transduction via switchable allosteric modulator proteins (SAMPs). BMC Systems Biology, 10, 1, 35


    • Wolf M., Ninov V., Babel H., Hütter K., Staudt R., Storhas W. and Badreddin E. (2012)
      A Laboratory Experiment for Teaching Bioprocess Control -- Part 1: Hardware Setting.
      Advances in Control Education, 9, 1


    • VAAM/ DGHM Microbiology and Infection, Würzburg, Germany,
      Poster: “Studying extracellular Phr-peptide signaling in Bacillus subtilis by FRET”


    • Mechanisms of Gene Regulation, Bad Bergzabern, Germany,
      Poster: “Theoretical models and FRET-assays for signal transduction via switchable allosteric modulator proteins (SAMPs) in Bacillus subtilis


    • 5th ASM Conference on Cell-Cell Communication in Bacteria, San Antonio, TX, USA
      Poster: “A FRET based sensor for quantitative in vivo measurements of PhrA-peptide signaling in Bacillus subtilis

    • Phenotypic heterogeneity and sociobiology of bacterial populations, Kloster Irsee, Germany
      Poster: “Evidence for PhrA as an intercellular signal that controls population heterogeneity in B. subtilis

    • MiCom – 4th International Student Converence on Microbial Communication, Jena, Germany
      Talk: “Qualitative robustness in modulator-based signal integration”


    • Synthetic Biology - from understanding to application, Heidelberg, Germany
      Poster: “The role of allostery in modulator based signal transduction”

    • EMBO - EMBL Symposium New Approaches and Concepts in Microbiology, Heidelberg, Germany
      Poster: “Signaling via modulators: relationships between network architecture and response behavior”

    • ESF – EMBO Symposium Bacterial Networks, Pultusk Poland
      Poster: “In vivo studies of protein phosphatase inhibition in signal transduction”


    • Mechanisms of Gene Regulation, Wartaweil, Germany,
      Poster: “FRET-biosensors for in vivo probing of response-regulator phosphatase interactions in the Bacillus subtilis sporulation phosphorelay”